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Översikt över scenarion

Titel: Av: Skrivet till:
A Kresten Kjær Sørensen
Fastaval (1992)
A 279-1 Morten Nørsøller
"Tanken?!" Con (1996)
💾 A Ban on Bandits Richard Winskill
AireCon 6 (2020)
A Bat Out of Hell Benjamin S. Jørgensen
Milton Felice Brambati Lund
Anders Bo Skov
A Beginner's Guide to Government Action Alex McConnaughey
Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
A Beginning, a Detour, an Open Ending Nicolai Strøm Steffensen
Rasmus Teilmann
Blackbox Cph VII (2018)
💾 A Birthday Surprise Kenneth Brown
Gordon Olmstead-Dean
A Bitter Aftertaste J. Tuomas Harviainen
Ropecon (2007)
A Breach of Security Jesper Schnipper
Viking-Con 17 (1998)
A Case of Murder Carsten Graakjær
Line Young Peteri
Pentacon (1996)
A Ceremony for Hope Thibault Schiemann
Nina Lund Westerdahl
Grenselandet (2022)
A Change of Address OrCCon (2021)
A child to go... Wiggo Forsmark
Magnus Pettersson
LinCon (1998)
A Christmas Carol Sabbath I (1990)
💾 A Christmas Explosion Ulas Sen
Klosscon I (2013)
A Chrysanthemum in Winter Sandy Antunes
Intercon E (2005)
A CoG in the Machine Tyler Brown
Garett Kopczynski
Ken Pickering
Intercon S (2019)
A Company of Heroes Ropecon (2018)
A Conspiracy of Ravens Michael Von Korff
Tom Lotze
Intercon S (2019)
💾 A Cosmic Class Reunion Di Ostrat
The Smoke (2020)
A Covenant of Salt Dragonmeet (2022)
💾 A Crossroad Blues Søren Emil Rosenhøj Sørensen
Vintersol (2012)
A Crow Funeral Tim Hutchings
Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
A Crown of Hearts Lily Benderskaya
Tory Root
Intercon N (2014)
A Dance Through Irish History Matthias Kaalund Keller
Gustav Wengel
Black Box Horsens ...And That's It (2019)
A Darkness in Foxton AireCon 5 (2019)
A Day at the Baths, A Day at the Races Elizabeth Bartley
Joshua Kronengold
Lisa Padol
Stephen Tihor
Intercon F (2006)
💾 A Day in the Life Mikkel Bækgaard
Fastaval (2005)
💾 A Death in the Family Alex Uth
Fastaval (1992)
A Devil in Disguise Mikael Børresen
Chop Con - The Evolution (2001)
A Diamond is a Girl's best Friend TRoR IV (1992)
A Dis(ney)adventure Malik Hyltoft
Viking-Con 23 (2004)
A Dish Best Served Cold OrCCon (2023)
A doomsday Eve
A dragon looks at you Michael Freyr
Con-Dôme (1993)
A Dream is Just a Dream Graham Arnold
Martin Jones
Sue Lee
Mythic Consequences (2019)
A Dreddful Christmas Jens Bådsgård
TRoA's Interne Jule-Hygge-Con (1996)
A fair time in Köln Jacob Klünder
ForumCon (2004)
A Family Feud Dragonmeet (2022)
💾 A Film Noir Murder Mystery Freja Gyldenstrøm
Blackbox Cph (2022)
Blackbox Cph (2022)
A Fire Grows in Cania Greg Marksnull
Lysa Penrose
OrCCon (2020)
A Fire in the Hills Laurie Innes
The Smoke (2022)
A Fistful of Gold Dragonmeet (2022)
A Flag of Bones Will Wagner
Intercon O (2015)
A Flower In the Dark Matteo Bertazza
Matteo Davolio
Maria Guarneri
Chiara Locatelli
Nicola Urbinati
The Smoke (2023)
💾 A Freeform Soap Opera Thorbiörn Fritzon
LinCon (1999)
💾 A Friend in Need
A Frosty Mug OrCCon (2021)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to ToonTown Vivien Lasken
Intercon T (2020)
A Game of Guilty Steampunk Zombie-Cyborgs PoRtaL 10: Kraków (2022)
A Game of Scones Matt Norris
Alison Joy Schafer
Brittany Viens
Intercon T (2020)
💾 A Game of Secret Societies
A Game of Thrones: Blackfyre Rising Jamey Patten
Kristen McFadyen Patten
Intercon K (2011)
💾 A Garden of Forking Paths Nat Budin
Vito D'Agosta
Susan Weiner
Intercon L (2012)
A Gentleman's Guide to Live Action Roleplaying: a 10 Bad LARPs Game Andrew Zorowitz
Intercon Q (2017)
A Girl Like You Dilly Moore
Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
A Good Day to Die John Kammer
Intercon C (2003)
A Great Machine Jared Axelrod
Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
A Grievously Savage Race Alvin Gellert
Birgitte Vince Heuschkel
Calling All Heroes 4th Edition (1995)
A Hard Day's Night Christian T. Petersen
Games Weekend (1992)
A hard rain's a gonna fall Emil Björnson
Johan Lejonklev
Jens Olsson
GothCon XXVIII (2004)
A Hat and A Bullwhip Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Con Dôme (1994)
A House Divided Andy Kirschbaum
Will Wagner
Intercon E (2005)
💾 A Journey Home Simon James Pettitt
Fastaval - Solarpunk (2021)
A Killer Reborn Gert Andersen
Chop Con - The Evolution (2001)
A Lady in Distress Anders Ivarsson
Michael Wikman
A Light in the Mountains AireCon 4 (2018)
A long way from home TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)
A Long Way Home Maryia Karachun
Zhenja Karachun
Volha Rudak
Nastassia Sinitsyna
Tatsiana Smaliak
Grenselandet (2015)
A Madmans Utopia Micky Jensen
Chop Con - Dommedag (2000)
A Matter of Tradition David (Bitburg_Chef)
The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)
A Mayfair in the Colonies Ben Jones
Alison Joy Schafer
Intercon N (2014)
A Medieval Day at the Races (The Really Nasty Horse Racing LARP) Don Ross
Intercon A (2001)
A Midsummer Night and the Livin' Is Easy John Brewer
Nyren Knapp
A. Nakama
Conor Walsh
Mike Wixon
Intercon J (2010)
A Midsummer Night’s Scream Niels-Martin Trier Josefsen
ForumCon (2004)
A Million Hungry Strands AireCon 4 (2018)
A Million To One, They Said… Continuum (2022)
A Moon of Passion Bleeding Kent Brøndum
Calling All Heroes 5th Edition (1996)
A Mother’s Heart Christina Christensen
Eirik Fatland
Grenselandet (2014)
A Murder Mystery Mark Dobson
Intercon D (2004)
A Murder of Crowes Alice Bowman
Nordic Game Jam (2018)
A New Priest Continuum (2022)
A Night at Club Ivory Cameron Betts
Jenny Diewald
Susan Giusto
Tim Lasko
Intercon XIII (1998)
A Night At The Babylon Bar Ville Gaunaa
Ballerup Rollespils Festival (1998)
A Night at the Eden Opera House Peter Bensch
Rita Flaherty
Intercon J (2010)
A Night at the Four Aces John Corrado Jr.
Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Stephanie Olmstead-Dean
Intercon A (2001)
A Night in Nightarch
A Night of Elizabethan Intrigue Anna Bradley
Caleb Hanson
Intercon E (2005)
A Night on Terebellum Station Jennifer Bragulla
Paul Bragulla
Intercon P (2016)
A Penny for My Thoughts CrossCon VII (2010)
A Piece of Meat Nicolai Strøm Steffensen
Blackbox Cph IX (2020)
A Pint of Bitter Tore Vange Pedersen
Black Box Horsens (2017)
A Pirate's life Jay Treat
Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
A Place in the Sun Nikolaj Lemche
💾 A Place to Fuck Each Other Avery Mcdaldno
An Sheep
A Place Where Dragons Dream Zovi McEntee
Intercon S (2019)
💾 A Plague Among Us Moyra Turkington
Fastaval - Føniks' genopstandelse (2022)
A Play of Shadows Jeppe Bergmann Hamming
Maria Bergmann Hamming
Black Box Horsens (2017)
A Pleasure Cruise ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)
A Plot of Lords Tom Andersson
LinCon (2016)
A Prayer for the Dying Michael Paulsen
Pentacon V (1994)
A prison for eternity Ropecon (2018)
A Question of Faith Steven Martin
Intercon F (2006)
A Quick Trip to France OrCCon (2023)
💾 a quiet place in hell Evan Torner
Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
💾 A Rake's Progress Christian Schneider
Salme Vanhanen
Blackbox Cph IX (2020)
💾 A Reign of Terror Magnus Bergqvist
Borås Spelkonvent 32: Beatitudo est amet (2014)
A Rememberence of the Things Found OrCCon (2021)
A Respectful Calm Mark Waks
Intercon O (2015)
A Retreat to Remember Jaime Frey
Lelah Frey
Philip Kelley
Intercon Q (2017)
A Reunion at Katmeers Sarah Terman
Intercon S (2019)
A Rock and a Hard Place Peter Fabricius
Con-Dôme (1993)
A Rose By Any Other Name Continuum (2022)
A Rough Landing OrCCon (2022)
A Rough Night at the Three Feathers Continuum (2022)
A Round For The Boys Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Calling All Heroes 3rd Edition (1995)
A Safe Hide-a-way Theis la Cour
Con Dôme (1998)
💾 A Second Chance for Wings Jenny Diewald
Sarah Judd
Joshua Kronengold
Alon Levy
Michael McAfee
Lisa Padol
Gaylord Tang
NELCO (2015)
💾 A Serpent of Ash J. Tuomas Harviainen
Ropecon (2006)
A Ship By Any Other Name Megan Coppock
Josh Sheena
Summer Larpin' (2022)
A ship comes loaded LinCon (2014)
A shred of hope Dennis T. Jensen
TRoA VIII (1994)
A Single Silver Coin Laura Boylan
Peter Litwack
Intercon M (2013)
A Single Step Laura Wood
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
A Single Tearfall OrCCon (2021)
A Snip Here, a Stitch There OrCCon (2021)
A Song For Our Remakers Raph D'Amico
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
A Song of Mergers and Acquisitions Kate Bagdasian
Devin Hendrickson
Tegan L. Hendrickson
Intercon N (2014)
A Sorceror must Suffer - a tale of six wizards Anders Michael Helms
ForumCon (2004)
A Soul for Two Andrius Ūdra
Minsk Larp Festival (2019)
💾 A Space Operetta Ken Brown
Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Stephanie Olmstead-Dean
💾 A Spotless Mind Simon Larsson
Prolog (2016)
A Stitch in Time OrCCon (2022)
A story of a story Elias Helfer
A Strange and Debauched Proposal Tom Andersson
LinCon (2016)
A Stranger to the Sun Jonas Smith
DRF-Con (1993)
A Study in Practical Astral Travel QueerCon (2019)
A Sylvanian Rhapsody (Kalabaliken i Sylvanien) Leif "Laffe" Eriksson
Stefan Karlsson (I)
UppCon '95 (1995)
A Tale of Time Travel Eddy Karat
Intercon F (2006)
A Tangled Web Christopher Coyle
Fantask Spilfestival (2005)
A Thousand Faces Gints Halcejs
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2018)
A Time Of Darkness GuardianCON XIII (2015)
A Titan.... Nevermore Eirik Støylen
ARCON 31: Superhelter og superskurker (2015)
A Torturer's Tool Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Nordic Game Jam (2018)
A Town in Dust! Tyrfing Con - Fantasy Con (2018)
A trip from Reno to San Francisco and it’s all going south from here... CrossCon VIII (2011)
A Turn on the Radiance Rose Doug Freedman
Sue Lee
Kristen Pierson
Eva Schiffer
Steve Vig
Intercon M (2013)
A Veil Before My Eyes Kristen Hendricks
Intercon S (2019)
A verdant rebirth Continuum (2022)
A Visit from Uncle The Realms of Roleplay (1990)
A Walk in the Light Continuum (2022)
A Walk in the Park Sue Savage
The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)
A Way Out Loris Casagrandi
Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
A wedding at the Brandon Estate Gaelcon 33: ‘Through the Matrix’ (2021)
A Week by a Loch Calling All Heroes 2nd Edition (1994)
A Westward Journey UK GamesExpo (2019)
A Winter's Ball Ray Lardie
Intercon R (2018)
A Wolf by Any Other Name Maury Elizabeth Brown
Ben Morrow
Intercon Q (2017)
A World Apart Nina Runa Essendrop
Grenselandet (2020)
A World of Repetition Morten Leerhøy
Chop Con (1995)
A World of Repetition 2 Morten Leerhøy
Chop Con (1996)
A Year and a Day Kristen McFadyen Patten
Alison Joy Schafer
Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U (2023)
A-280-1 Thomas Riise Visgård Knudsen
Krikkit Con mk II (1996)
💾 A-listen Martin Andreas Dahl Sinding
Fastaval - Otto Under the Sea (2019)
A.N.G.S.T. Academy Frida Sofie Sterten Jansen
ARCON 31: Superhelter og superskurker (2015)
A'kastin - Fantasiens Hersker
AB Brott MittCon (1992)
AB Brott II Patrik Larsson
MittCon (1994)
💾 Abarax hand Henrik Rindlöw
Gunnar Söderberg
LinCon (2005)
💾 Abattoir (Cattle and Death) Scott David Gray
Mike Young
Intercon XIV (1999)
Abberant (SunKon) SunKon Spelkonvent (2001)
Abomination Henrik Olsen
Chop Con (2002)
Above and Beyond Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
Absolut ASF GothCon XXV (2001)
Absolute Beginners to the rescue AireCon 5 (2019)
Academia Octavia
Academy Days Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Calling All Heroes 6th Edition (1996)
Academy: Tale of the Lost Magnus Hegaard Hansen
ESFROAG (2020)
Accorded Neutral Ground Bill Chapman
Intercon M (2013)
Aces High Allan Joe Broch
Pentacon (1993)
Aces Over Arkham Joshua Jaffe
Megan Jaffe
Sean Jaffe
Matt Volk
Intercon K (2011)
Acheron B Ville Gaunaa
Ballerup Rollespils Festival (1998)
Achtung! Cthulhu Kai S. Fredriksen
ARCON 32: Trek Wars (2016)
ACIS: Adventurer Caregivers In Support (of Adventurer Caregivers) Kate Hill
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
Across the Sea of Stars Jenny Diewald
Jordan Diewald
Intercon F (2006)
Across the Universe Charlie Paull
Retford Moot (2014)
Acting Up In Lankhmar UK GamesExpo (2019)
Action Castle (CrossCon 2012) CrossCon IX (2012)
Action Castle & Jungle Adventure Thomas Herlofsen
ARCON 32: Trek Wars (2016)
Action-Adventure (FE Con 1) Søren E. Jensen
Fenris Efterårs Con (2011)
Active Shooter Tim Hutchings
Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
Acts of Association OrCCon (2021)
Actu Teitigisti D.E.G. (1992)
💾 Ad Infinitum Asbjørn Olsen
Viking-Con 30 (2011)
Ad krigerens sti Christoffer Bastrup-Madsen
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam Jörgen Åkerklint
CalCon XIX - A Fairytale (2013)
Ad Mortem Inqurite SnöKon (2000)
💾 Ad ærens vej Jacob Berg
Thomas Jakobsen
Spiltræf X (1994)
AD&D - Dark Sun (JuleCon) Joachim Jensen
JuleCon (1992)
AD&D - Forgotten Realms (CAH 2) Calling All Heroes 2nd Edition (1994)
AD&D (Aftermath - Armageddon II) Armageddon II - Aftermath (1991)
AD&D (BayCon 1988) BayCon (1988)
AD&D (BSK 1983) Borås Spelkonvent (1983)
AD&D (BSK 1985) Borås Spelkonvent 3 (1985)
AD&D (BSK 1987) Borås Spelkonvent 5 (1987)
AD&D (CAH 3) Jonas Kjær Nielsen
Calling All Heroes 3rd Edition (1995)
AD&D (CalCon 1995) CalCon '95 (1995)
AD&D (Confekt II) Confekt II (1997)
AD&D (DalCon 1992) DalCon I - Desperate huc intrantes (1992)
AD&D (Fasta Fantasy) Fasta Emne-Weekend - Fantasy Rollespil (1988)
AD&D (Fastaval 1) Fastaval (1986)
AD&D (FRB-con 95) FRB-con (1995)
AD&D (FrunCon 1992) FrunCon 92 (1992)
AD&D (FrunCon 1993) FrunCon 93 (1993)
AD&D (GothCon 1984) GothCon VIII (1984)
AD&D (GothCon 1985) GothCon IX (1985)
AD&D (GothCon 1994) GothCon XVIII (1994)
AD&D (GW 94) Games Weekend (1994)
AD&D (Lux-Con '91) Anders Tønnesen
Lux-Con (1991)
AD&D (Oerncon 1988) OernCon II (1988)
AD&D (OernCon 1989) Henrik Lindholm
Ville Sjögren
OernCon III (1989)
AD&D (Sct. Georg Con 1992) Sct. Georg Con (1992)
AD&D (Skt. Georg Con 1994) Skt. Georg Con (1994)
AD&D (Spelkongress 1986) Spelkongress 86 - Alea Iacta Est (1986)
AD&D (Spilletræf 90) Thomas Andersen
Anders H. Larsen
Spilletræf (1990)
AD&D (Spiltræf 90) Spiltræf (1990)
AD&D (Spiltræf 91) Curt A. F. Nielsen
Spiltræf (1991)
AD&D (StockCon 1989) StockCon '89 (1989)
AD&D (Stockholms Spelkonvent 1996) Roger Rehn
Stockholms Spelkonvent (1996)
AD&D (TMD) TMD-Festival (1990)
AD&D (VC1) Torben Ussing
1. Copenhagen Gamecon (1982)
AD&D (VC2) Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 2 (1983)
AD&D (VC3) Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 3 (1984)
AD&D (VC5) Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 5 (1986)
AD&D (VC6) Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 6 (1987)
AD&D (VC9) Viking-Con 9 (1990)
AD&D (VF Con 90) Vor Frelsers Con (1990)
AD&D (VF Con 91) Vor Frelsers Con (1991)
AD&D (Vintervap 95) Vintervap (1995)
AD&D 1 The Movement (1993)
AD&D 1 (FRB-con 89) FRB-con (1989)
AD&D 1 (VC11) Michael Barner-Rasmussen
Viking-Con 11 (1992)
AD&D 2 The Movement (1993)
AD&D 2 (FRB-con 89) FRB-con (1989)
AD&D 3 The Movement (1993)
AD&D 3 (FRB-con 89) FRB-con (1989)
AD&D 4 The Movement (1993)
AD&D Bar-Room Brawl Carsten Holløse
AD&D Dark Sun (DRF Spilledag) Jesper Olsen
DRF Spilledag (1993)
AD&D Dragonlance (DRF Spilledag) Pelle Tejsner
DRF Spilledag (1993)
AD&D Dragonlance (TRoA 90) TRoA-Con 90, intern (1990)
AD&D Duel (Fastaval 1) Fastaval (1986)
AD&D Duel (VC4) Klaus Kristiansen
Klaus Ægidius Mogensen
Torben Ægidius Mogensen
Viking-Con 4 (1985)
AD&D Duel (VC6) Viking-Con 6 (1987)
AD&D Duel (VC8) Bjarne Hansen
Viking-Con 8 (1989)
AD&D Duell (ARCON 15) Are Riksaasen
ARCON 15: Call of Cthulhu (1999)
AD&D Duell (ARCON 16) Are Riksaasen
ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)
AD&D Duell (Arcon 1992) ARCON 8: Paranoia (1992)
AD&D Duell (ARCON 9) Tobias Vigmostad
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
AD&D I (TRoA VII) TRoA VII (1993)
AD&D I (VC10) Viking-Con 10 (1991)
AD&D II (TRoA VII) TRoA VII (1993)
AD&D II (VC10) Viking-Con 10 (1991)
AD&D Lagturnering (ARCON 9) Inge Kristoffersen
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
AD&D Lagtävling (GothCon 1985) GothCon IX (1985)
AD&D Low Level (TRoA VI) TRoA VI (1993)
AD&D Maztica Thomas Raae Andersen
Viking-Con 10 (1991)
AD&D NM (ARCON 14) Vidar Bjølgerud
ARCON 14: Illuminati (1998)
AD&D NM (ARCON 15) Martin Riber
ARCON 15: Call of Cthulhu (1999)
AD&D NM (ARCON 16) Ask Eirik Storsve
ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)
AD&D NM (Arcon 1992) Bendik Christoffersen
ARCON 8: Paranoia (1992)
AD&D NM (ARCON 9) Henrik Lunde
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
💾 AD&D Nostalgica Fredrik Carlesson
SydCon '95 (1995)
AD&D Open (ARCON 9) Lars Henrlk U. Karlsen
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
AD&D Oriental Adventures (BSK 1989) J. Strömberg
Borås Spelkonvent 7: Semper Melior (1989)
AD&D Oriental Adventures (WettCon 1989) WettCon V (1989)
AD&D Oriental Adventures, Individuellt (OernCon 1992) OernCon VI (1992)
AD&D Ravenloft (ARCON 14) Kristian Mysen
ARCON 14: Illuminati (1998)
AD&D Ravenloft (ARCON 15) Kristian Mysen
ARCON 15: Call of Cthulhu (1999)
AD&D Ravenloft (Chop Con '95) Michael Jacobsen
Chop Con (1995)
AD&D Ravenloft (Chop Con 92) Chop Con (1992)
AD&D Ravenloft (GothCon 1995) GothCon XIX (1995)
AD&D Ravenloft (Spiltræf 91) Ole Wedel Thalund
Spiltræf (1991)
AD&D Ravenloft (Spiltræf 92) Ole Wedel Thalund
Spiltræf (1992)
AD&D Ravenloft (Viborg Con 93) Lars Kaos Andresen
Viborg Con (1993)
AD&D turnering (FRB-con 89) FRB-con (1989)
AD&D turnering (OernCon I) OernCon I (1987)
AD&D Turnering (VC8) Kim Chr. Madsen
Erik Wittchen
Viking-Con 8 (1989)
AD&D-konkurrence (VC4) Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 4 (1985)
AD&D-turnering (WettCon 1985) WettCon I (1985)
AD&D, DM-tävling (LinCon 1986) LinCon (1986)
💾 AD&D, Finaläventyr (LinCon 1985) Magnus Ericson
Tony Olsson
Peter Åberg
LinCon (1985)
AD&D, individuellt (BayCon 1988) BayCon (1988)
AD&D, individuellt (BayCon 1989) BayCon (1989)
AD&D, individuellt (GothCon 1986) GothCon X (1986)
AD&D, individuellt (GothCon 1987) GothCon XI (1987)
AD&D, individuellt (LinCon 1988) LinCon (1988)
AD&D, individuellt (LinCon 1989) LinCon (1989)
AD&D, individuellt (OernCon 1991) OernCon V (1991)
AD&D, individuellt (WettCon 1989) WettCon V (1989)
AD&D, lag (GothCon 1988) Ulf Sjölinder
GothCon XII (1988)
AD&D, lag (GothCon 1989) Johan Lindqvist
GothCon XIII (1989)
AD&D, lag (OernCon 1991) OernCon V (1991)
AD&D, lag (OernCon 1992) OernCon VI (1992)
AD&D, Lilla lagtävlingen LinCon (1989)
AD&D, parallell (LinCon 1988) LinCon (1988)
AD&D/Harn (BSK 1986) Borås Spelkonvent 4 (1986)
AD&D2 Individuellt (LinCon 1992) LinCon (1992)
AD&D2 Lagtävling (LinCon 1992) LinCon (1992)
AD&D2 Midnight Horror LinCon (1992)
💾 Adams venner Michael Erik Næsby
Fastaval (2011)
ADGNEPSEF555: Groundhog Recess Akira Barnes
Intercon I (2009)
Adrenalin ESFROAG (2002)
Adrift Bryan O'Neill
Anush Raman
David Simkins
Benjamin Snyder
Samuel Trapp
Intercon P (2016)
Adrift on the Starry Sky Jenny Diewald
Tim Lasko
Theresa Sullivan
Gaylord Tang
NELCO (2016)
Adult Survivors of Cinematic Childhood Trauma Mike Young
Intercon S (2019)
Adults Are Useless Morten Nygaard Andersen
Tyrfing Con - Fantasy Con (2018)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Borås 2) Borås Spelkonvent 2 (1984)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (Hexcon 1996) Hexcon (1996)
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Kaos Duell (Hexcon 1996) Hexcon (1996)
Advanced Marvel Superheroes (Spiltræf 91) Lasse Jensby
Spiltræf (1991)
Advanced Marvel Superheroes (Spiltræf 92) Lasse Jensby
Brian Pedersen
Spiltræf (1992)
💾 Advanded Dungeons & Dragons (BSK 1988) John Bredal
Borås Spelkonvent 6: Nulli Secundus (1988)
Advanded Dungeons & Dragons (BSK 1991) Borås Spelkonvent 9: Temperantia Perfectum (1991)
Advanded Dungeons & Dragons (BSK 1992) Jesper Moberg
Borås Spelkonvent 10: Tinufsia Jubileea (1992)
Advanded Dungeons & Dragons (SK 1991) Spelkongress 91 - a Day at the Races (1991)
Adventure Ropecon (2018)
Adventure Cruise Troels Frostholm Søe-Larsen
ESFROAG (2007)
Adventure in Astraterra Ropecon (2018)
Adventure into Oresmire GuardianCON XVII (2019)
Adventures in Ubersreik   Dragonmeet (2022)
Aes Sidhe Dawn Daigneault
Michael Oldziej
Intercon R (2018)
Af alle verdner Carsten Andreasen Fangel
Hyggecon (2001)
Af Glemslens Dyb Asta Wellejus
Viking-Con 11 (1992)
Af jorden skal du genopstå? Sebastian Nemeth
Krikkit Con XVI (2010)
Af sten er du kommet Morten Jørgensen
Vintervap (1996)
Afasias Barn Robert Emil Berge
Irene Tanke
Lars Wingård
💾 Afglans Kasper Risbjerg Eskildsen
Fastaval (1996)
Afgrunden Flemming R. P. Rasch
Viking-Con 26 (2007)
African Dawn Michael Sonne-Jørgensen
Fastaval (1998)
Afrikas arv Kim Breums Nielsen
Rune Winther
Afrikas mörka hjärta Mikael Börjesson
GothCon XXXII (2008)
Afrodites tåre, Artemis' hævn Lars Rune Jørgensen
Viking-Con 21 (2002)
💾 Afstand Morten Jaeger
Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)
Aftenlande Lauge Luchau Rosendahl
Claustrum Con IV (1999)
💾 Aftenstjerner Mikkel Bækgaard
Fastaval (2009)
After Dark Mo Holkar
Otherworldly Consequences (2021)
After Party Kate Fractal
Intercon N (2014)
After the Bomb FRB-con (1991)
After the End Tyrfing Con - RPG Con (2019)
Afterdeath LinCon (2006)
💾 Afterlife Samuel Dukhovni
Jayson Lynch
Xavid Pretzer
Katie Sedlar
Intercon O (2015)
💾 Afterlife Anna Svensson
LinCon (2003)
Afterlife: Wandering Souls Dreieichcon World (2021)
Aftermath Nickey Barnard
Mythic Consequences (2019)
Aftermath (GothCon 1986) Tobias Björklind
GothCon X (1986)
Aftermath (GothCon 1987) Tobias Björklind
GothCon XI (1987)
Aftermath (LinCon 1988) LinCon (1988)
Aftonlandet Fredrik Stennek
Julkon (2002)
💾 Afurore Normannorum Libera Nos Domine Torbjörn Arnoldsson
Johan Broman
GothCon XXVIII (2004)
Against the Little Guys AireCon 4 (2018)
💾 Against the Night Nathan Hook
Fastaval (2009)
Agates Arv Stephan Jakobsen
Rasmus Riis
RusCon 9 - Tierpark (2000)
Agatha's Inheritance Carel Ketelaars
Age of Reason Mattias Duvdal
SillyCon II (1993)
Agent 00Smølf - Mission: Smølfen der ikke var smølf! Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 29 (2010)
Agent 00Smølf – Mission: Smølfen der ikke var smølf Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 30 (2011)
Agent 00Smølf – Yderst top smølfelig mission: Smølfen der måske alligevel var smølf…?! Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 30 (2011)
Agent 00Smølf, Mission : “Smølf?” Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 27 (2008)
Agent 00Smølf, Mission: Smølf! & Agent 00Smølf, Mission: Smølf? Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 31 (2012)
Agent 00Smølf: Få has - nej ikke HAS - på smølfer Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Chop Con - Killer Robots (2004)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission "Er en Smølf altid en smølf?" Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 20 (2001)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission "Find en smølf" Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Tina Fisker
Chop Con (1998)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission "MusikSmølf" Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Chop Con (1998)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission SIS - yderst topsmølf Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Tina Fisker
Chop Con (1999)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission: ’Jeg, Smølf’ Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Viking-Con 28 (2009)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission: 2Smølf Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Chop Con - Dommedag (2000)
Agent 00Smølf: Mission: Smølfen på Smølfen Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Chop Con (2002)
Agent Down AireCon 6 (2020)
Agents of Mars Ropecon (2018)
💾 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: As Time Goes By Lars Kroll
Fastaval - Føniks' genopstandelse (2022)
Agerbørn II: Agerlund
Agerbørn: Korsvejen
Agglutination Matt Sanderson
The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)
Agnus Dei - Guds Lamm Magnus Hübner
UppCon '96 (1996)
Agreement 101 Masha Bugayova
Volha Rudak
Grenselandet (2014)
💾 Ahriman Henrik Dithmer
ConTOr (2020)
💾 Ai Ai Ai Ai Ai Terese M. O. Nielsen
ConTOr (2020)
AI-Seance Josephine Rydberg
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2019)
Airglow Carsten Daugaard
Con Dôme (1999)
Airplane 2: The Plane That Shagged Me (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love the Plane) Chay Casso
Ken Clary
Ricky Leiserson
Intercon A (2001)
AirSoft CQB-spel: lajv konfliktspel LinCon (2001)
Ajdå, legenden var sann FiKon 95 (1995)
Akademia – ”Dödligt Paradigmskifte” Robert Holmberg
SnöKon (2006)
Akh Montolo, eller Mannen på ballongen Snökon (1998)
Akna Den Mørke - eller Hvordan man dræber en Gud Asbjørn Bourgeat
Viking-Con 14 (1995)
💾 Akt V Signe Løndahl Hertel
Fastaval - Mad Science (2017)
Aktindsigt Max Møller
Akut stressreaktion Pernille Bonde
Eleonora Kapow
Blackbox Cph VIII (2019)
Al-Qadim: Ajami ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)
Alberts Investigation KC Godiksen
FE Con (2022)
Alcatraz Kathleen O'Brien
Rachel Schmutter
Suzanne Wayner
Jeannie C. Whited
Intercon E (2005)
Alchemy (and Feelings) Eleanor Tursman
Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
Aldrig en spurv Mark Denninger
Jhez Salin
Con-Dôme (1993)
Alea Iacta Est Ulf Hartelius
Alexander Platon
GothCon XXIX (2005)
💾 Alea Iacta Est (GothCon 2006) Ulf Hartelius
Alexander Platon
GothCon XXX (2006)
💾 Alea Iacta Est (GothCon 2009) Ulf Hartelius
Alexander Platon
GothCon XXXIII (2009)
💾 Alea Iacta Est (GothCon 2011) Ulf Hartelius
Alexander Platon
GothCon XXXV (2011)
Alea Iacta Est (GothCon 2012) Ulf Hartelius
Alexander Platon
💾 Aleksejevskaja Olle Nyman
Sebastian Utbult
Prolog (2012)
Alene Blandt Fjenden Peter Buch Mortensen
ConThulhu vs. Science II - this time it's personal (2012)
Alene i mørket Daniel Bang Pedersen
LyngCon, efterår (2019)
Alfer på eventyr Spiltræf (1992)
💾 Algorions förbannelse Andreas Carlsson
Borås Spelkonvent 10: Tinufsia Jubileea (1992)
Alianas sista önskan Martin Persson
ChrisCon III (2000)
ALIBI Mark Durkan
The Smoke (2018)
💾 Alice Nina Runa Essendrop
Fastaval (2014)
Alice Phoebe Roberts
Intercon H (2008)
Alice är försvunnen Prolog (2021)
ÅbyCon Online (2021)
Gaelcon 33: ‘Through the Matrix’ (2021)
LinCon (2021)
ÅbyCon (2022)
FE Con (2022)
ÅbyCon (2023)
Alien Diplomacy Krin Irvine
Venn Wylde
Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
Alien III Lars Christiansen
Fastaval (2000)
Alien Invasion Martin Lehmann
VannaCon 7 (2016)
Alien Shit Tonni Frydendahl
Rune P. Tossen
FiskeCon part 2 (1994)
Aliens Christian Eriksen
Viking-Con 20 (2001)
Aliens - Incubation Karsten Rasmussen
TRoA - Charleston (1998)
Aliens (DalCon 1992) DalCon I - Desperate huc intrantes (1992)
Aliens (UppCon 1992) UppCon '92 (1992)
Aliens (UppCon 1993) UppCon '93 (1993)
Aliens (UppCon 1994) UppCon '94 (1994)
Aliens 4 Ricky Simonsen
Morten Zinck
TRoA XI (1996)
Aliens Victim Viborg Con (1993)
💾 Aliens: Det frisiske korps Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
LepreCon2 (2010)
💾 Aliens: Ild og Vand Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Viking-Con 21 (2002)
💾 Aliens: Kold sol Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Viking-Con 27 (2008)
💾 Aliens: Morgenglorie Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Viking-Con 28 (2009)
Alight - Rollspelet CalCon XXIII - Under havet (2017)
Alkymistisk Eksperiment 32 Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
TRoA Con - Trolddom og Hekseri (2005)
💾 All a Facade Simon Larsson
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)
💾 All About Love Krister Sundelin
Stockholms Spelkonvent (2006)
All Access Shaun Archer
Terra Warman
Intercon U (2023)
All american pipecorn Johan Nilsson (I)
Martin Svahn
SillyCon X (2001)
All children of God Ropecon (2018)
All Flesh Mush Be Eaten (Vintersol) Poul Piepgrass
Vintersol (2006)
All Flesh Must Be Eaten (CrossCon 2010) Andreas Petersson
CrossCon VII (2010)
💾 All for One (and Metal for Me) Klaus Meier Olsen
Fastaval (2014)
All for one and death for all KryptCon VII (2022)
All Good Things Steffie de Vaan
Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)
All Hail the Pirate Queen! Kat Jones
Intercon M (2013)
All Hallows Eve Nis Haller Baggesen
UnConventional (1995)
All I Want for Christmas is to Cancel the Office Holiday Party David Rothfeder
Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)
All Little Boys Are Dead Frederik Berg
Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard
Blackbox Cph IV (2014)
All Stories are True David Braslow
Kat Braslow
Kristen McFadyen Patten
Intercon Q (2017)
💾 All the President's Zombies Mike Beddes
Intercon E (2005)
All Things Zombie CrossCon VII (2010)
All Things Zombie (CrossCon 2011) CrossCon VIII (2011)
All Things Zombie (CrossCon 2012) CrossCon IX (2012)
All Together Now Martin Lindof
The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)
All Together Now II: The Storybook Martin Lindof
DrageCon 9 (2008)
All We Have Is Us Casey Lucas
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
All's Well That Ends Anthony Grocock
Russell Harris
Heidi Kaye
AJ Smith
Jane Winter
Intercon E (2005)
Alla dessa gånger... CalCon VI - Millennium (1999)
Alla gossar äro klara som en dag Lukas Renklint
Prolog (2016)
💾 Alla katter grå Johan Köhler
Lennart Köhler
UppCon '92 (1992)
Alla vill ha Evi GothCon XXXIII (2009)
💾 Alla vill spela Stalin Simon Erlandsson
Jonas Larsson Olanders
GothCon XXXVII (2013)
Alla älskar dig Prolog (2009)
Alle børn til Jerusalem Sara Hald
TRoA-Con - Heltemod & Håndtegn (2003)
Alle er Allan! Kenneth Duborg Ejlertsen
VannaCon 4 (2013)
Alle for en, en for alle Jost L. Hansen
Mytomania Mini Con II (1994)
Alle gode gange tre ...
Alle Helgener Jens Christian Hoff
Spiltræf XII (2000)
Alle kongens mænd Cristian Hagel-Sørensen
Fastaval (1998)
Alle kongens mænd Christian Nørgaard
TRoA Con - Trolddom og Hekseri (2005)
💾 Alle kroppe er grå Per von Fischer
Fastaval (1994)
Alle ting for alle mennesker. ARCON 38: Multivertshuset (2022)
Allegiance Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn
Kari Kvittingen Djukastein
Ida Foss
Susanne Gräslund
Mo Holkar
Anders Hultman
Masha Karachun
Zhenja Karachun
Alexander Karalevich
Dominika Kováčová
Martin Nielsen
Maria Pettersson
Christian Schneider
Grethe Sofie Strand
Martine Svanevik
Julia Woods
💾 Allt Fläsk Måste Ätas John A. Jonsson
SävCon XX (2021)
💾 Allt Fläsk Måste Ätas! Anders Nilsson
MittKon - Anno Domini Tjugohundraett (2001)
Allt som glimmar... UppCon '91 (1991)
Allt som glimmar... Johan Jaurin
ApKon V - Apprehensicon (2008)
Allting är mycket osäkert, och det är just det som lugnar mig Johanna Embla Taller
GothCon XLIV (2020)
GothCon XLV (2022)
Alpha Complex Cyberperil ARCON 36: Cyberpunk (2020)
💾 Alphaville - En hårdkokt, surrealistisk SF-deckare i svartvitt Johan Berg
Sven Jansson
Johan Salomonsson
Måns Samsonowitz
GothCon XXI (1997)
💾 Also spracht Håkan Carlgren Erik Hörnfeldt
Fredrik Stennek
Julkon (2005)
Alt det kendte Martin Lindof
DrageCon 11 (2009)
Alt eller intet!? Rasmus Teilmann
Blackbox Cph IV (2014)
Alt er et spørgsmål om antagelser Jan Bakmand Nørgaard
Lars Holsøe Rasmussen
Viking-Con 30 (2011)
Altamor Morten Gade
Alternativ virkelighed? TRoA V (1992)
Alternativt AD&D UppCon '90 (1990)
💾 Alternativt Dungeons & Toons Rikke Munchkin Sørensen
ConIIret (2000)
Alternity (ESFROAG 2002) ESFROAG (2002)
Alting har en pris Mads Vogt-Nielsen
Vintersol (2008)
Alucinari Kim Mikkelsen
Calling All Heroes 8th Edition (1998)
Always Waltz Alex Brune
Caroline Murphy
Intercon Q (2017)
Am I Evil? Jesper Olsen
DRF-Con (1993)
💾 Amadeus Oskar Rognås
GothCon XXXVII (2013)
Amalgamation Janie Agar
Dylan Blanset
Intercon R (2018)
Amanda dör Prolog (2014)
💾 Ambassadören som försvann Michael Petersén
Spelkongress 87 - The game is afoot (1987)
Amber (SydCon 95) SydCon '95 (1995)
AmberCon: Prisonfall LinCon (1994)
💾 Ambulance Sigurd Buch Kristensen
Orkon (2005)
Amelies Dagbok CalCon XII - Spöktimmen (2006)
Amidst Endless Quiet P.H. Lee
Intercon T (2020)
Amnesia Mathias B. Høygaard
DrageCon 17 (2013)
Among the Mortals Randy Lubin
Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
Amsterdam Caj Karlsson
Jens Karlsson
Borås Spelkonvent 10: Tinufsia Jubileea (1992)
Amsterdam After Dark
Amuletten Jan Jørgensen
Chop Con (1998)
Amuse Bouche Betty Bong
Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
An Age of Ideas Mathias Thøger Kristensen
RusCon 23 (2015)
An Age Unending Anandi Gandolfi
Derek Herrera
Andy Kirschbaum
Intercon P (2016)
An Amazon Tale Lina Christensen
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
An Arabian Tale Stuart McKay
TRoA-Con - Tusind og én nats Eventyr (1999)
An arrow in the woods Festival européen de l'imaginaire - LuxCon the EuroCon - Europäisches Fantastikfestival (2022)
An Ecumenical Matter Nickey Barnard
Matt Bull
Philippa Bull
Mike Grace
Steve Hatherley
Intercon M (2013)
An Elemental Adventure! Ropecon (2017)
An Empty Throne Tyrfing Con - SciFi Con (2018)
An end of peace and beginning of war Kenneth Dürr-Frederiksen
Con Dôme (1999)
An Ensemble Cast Mystery: Death at Bancroft Manor Tasha Robinson
Eva Schiffer
Kathleen De Smet
Intercon T (2020)
An Evening Aboard the HMS Eden Peter Bensch
Rita Flaherty
Henry Kuhfeldt
Intercon L (2012)
An Evening at McAnallys Pub Bill Chapman
Intercon O (2015)
An Inquiry Into The Wealth Of Matrons AireCon 6 (2020)
An Inquiry Into The Wealth Of Matrons Continuum (2022)
An Umerican Adventure in Engerlund UK GamesExpo (2019)
💾 An Un-Conventional Odyssey Kirt Dankmyer
Jon Lemich
Intercon H (2008)
An Unctuous Brew Dragonmeet (2022)
An Undying Evil EreCon II - HorrorCon (1997)
💾 An Unexpected Journey Niclas Ohlsson
LinCon (2014)
An unforgetable holiday Olga Aleinikova
Aleksandra Franskevich
Tatiana Smaliak
Grenselandet (2012)
An unquiet grave Leif Olav Jøsang
MidgardCon VI (2022)
Anachron Sebastian Flamant
Viking-Con 13 (1994)
💾 Anachron 3 Sebastian Flamant
Viking-Con 15 (1996)
Spiltræf XI (1996)
Anachron II Sebastian Flamant
Viking-Con 14 (1995)
Anakronismer Robert Jonsson
GothCon XXXV (2011)
Anark'er og kaos Torben Ussing
Viking-Con 25 (2006)
Anarkistiska damers syförening Johan Jonsson
Laila Wiberg
Stockon -97 (1997)
Anarkuppgörelse ChrisCon III (2000)
AnBr BOVCon (1999)
Ancient Hours Nadja Lipsyc
Josephine Rydberg
Grenselandet (2022)
And Angels Will Come Looking For Us Maarja Lutsar
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2017)
And I Crossed the River Lethe Adrien Kemper
Intercon U (2023)
💾 And I Lost My Fangs … Karoline Cleo Lærke Hatting
Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)
And If You Close Your Eyes Lee Foxworthy
The Smoke (2023)
💾 And Not to Yield Nathan Hook
Fastaval (2009)
And now, the weather... Henrik Lerdahl
ARCON 32: Trek Wars (2016)
And the Dead shall rise TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)
And the Rockets Red Glare The Illusion Horror Con 2022 (2022)
And the Symphony Played On Naomi Wixon
Intercon C (2003)
And they mostly come at night, mostly. AireCon 5 (2019)
And They Were As Gods Dan Kolligan
Carol Young
Andrew Zorowitz
Intercon H (2008)
And Thunder Shall Roll Janet Brennan
Vance Walsh
Intercon H (2008)
And Your Bird Can Sing Rebecca Maxfield
Summer Larpin' (2022)
And-Haitjan Miikil Morten Vestergaard Fisker
Tina Fisker
Chop Con (1999)
Anden og musen Rasmus Nørregaard
Chop Con (1997)
Andra generationen Johan Erixon
SydCon '94 (1994)
Andra Liven
💾 Andra sidan friheten Johan Berg
Johan Salomonsson
GothCon XXII (1998)
💾 Andra Stjärnan till Höger Lina Gullbrand
SävCon VIII (2008)
💾 Andra ögonkastet Marcus Brissman
Kajsa Greger
Prolog (2012)
Andra året GothCon XXIII (1999)
Andrew Morrow’s spegelbild Konvent för alla (2002)
Android Beginnings Julia Woods
Andromeda 42
Anduien Scenarie
💾 Anekdoter fra et rollespil - Hvem vil ikke være konge? Jacob Vogelius Nielsen
Viking-Con 31 (2012)
Angar Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen
ESFROAG (2015)
💾 Angel of Death Asger Hansen
Vintersol (2006)
Angst æder sjæle op ... Mikkel Jønsson
Chop Con (1997)
Anholdelsen Mikkel Jønsson
Chop Con (1999)
Anhållna Anders Wänn
MittKon - Anno Domini Tjugohundraett (2001)
Aniara – A Story of Man in Time and Space Carolina Renman
Blackbox Cph (2022)
Blackbox Cph (2022)
💾 Aniara 2.0, A space trolley problem Gustaf Esters
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2021)
Animal Farm Michael Zedeler
Viking-Con 14 (1995)
Animas kista Tryggve Bergholm
Spelkongress 90 - I en mörk framtid (1990)
Animus Carolina Dahlberg
Karl Ytterberg
Blackbox Cph IV (2014)
Animæ Captivæ Anders Labich
Fastaval (1993)
Aniracs horn Torsten Alm
Spelkongress 88 - May the force be with you (1988)
Annes mor er kranfører Rikke Munchkin Sørensen
Krikkit Con XI - Elgens Prøve (2003)
Anno Daemonum CalCon XXIV - SuperCalCon (2018)
Anno Domini
Another breakfast Ropecon (2018)
Another day in the magical girl gig economy AireCon 7 (2022)
Another day, another dollar Anders Gillbring
Tove Gillbring
Stockholms Spelkonvent (2010)
Another Flag of Bones Will Wagner
Intercon P (2016)
Another Generation Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
💾 Another Life Anandi Gandolfi
Intercon H (2008)
Intercon O (2015)
Another Try, Part 2 Martin Lindof
Calling All Heroes (1994)
Ansigtet Troels Frostholm Søe-Larsen
ESFROAG (2010)
Anstalten Carsten Andreasen Fangel
Antarctic Station 13 Alli Mawhinney
Richard Perry
Imaginary Consequences (2015)
💾 Antarctica 1983 Björn O. Hanson
GothCon XXVII (2003)
💾 Antihelt Elias Helfer
Fastaval (2012)
💾 Anton Karps sista dagar Johan Salomonsson
SydCon 7 (1998)
Anything Helps Matt Bohnhoff
Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
Anything You Can Do, Bards Can Do Better Sofie Ingeman Behrens
VannaCon 8 (2018)
AoG - Agents of Gurps Jens Vikon Kvaser
ESFROAG (2020)
💾 Aokigahara Rasmus Høgdall Mølgaard
Fastaval - Otto i Eventyrland (2018)
Chop Con - Killer Robots (2004)
Apgudens tempel Terje Nordin
Mattias Närvä
KryptCon VII (2022)
Apkonungens krona SävCon XII (2012)
Apocalypse '92
Apocalypse Board Alexander Tindal Eklund
Fastaval: Otto for folket (2023)
💾 Apocalypse Drow Kristian Bach Petersen
Fastaval (2012)
Apocalypse World (ConTOr) ConTOr (2020)
💾 Apocalypse World (Femcon 2) Elin Dalstål
FemCon 2 (2014)
Apocatastasis Anders Björkelid
SillyCon II (1993)
Apokalyptikon Marius Bredsdorff
Viking-Con 22 (2003)
💾 Apollo Caspar Vang
Viking-Con 15 (1996)
Spiltræf XI (1996)
Apollo '79 Gordon Olmstead-Dean
Mike Romatelli
Lee Rosenberg
Don Ross
Intercon D (2004)
Appalachian Wedding Ben Llewellyn
Intercon A (2001)
Aquatica Mikkel West
Spiltræf XII (2000)
Arachnophobia OrCCon (2022)
Arachnophobia Joan Ladekjær Ingwersen
Bodega-con (2014)
Arams hemlighet Mattias Lilja
Stockholms Spelkonvent (2008)
Aratorns skugga
Arbes ÄlvCon (2014)
Arbor Day Aaron Damon-Rush
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
Arcana: Complete the Circle Sean Jaffe
Matthew Volk
Intercon I (2009)
Arcana: Hammer of the Gods Josh Jaffe
Megan Jaffe
Sean Jaffe
Matt Volk
Intercon J (2010)
Arcana: Imago Josh Jaffe
Megan Jaffe
Sean Jaffe
Matt Volk
Intercon J (2010)
Arcane Investigators - Drottning Glorianas hämnd CalCon XV - Konspirationen (2009)
Archangels Evangelos Hugo Paliatseas
Intercon J (2010)
Architects Prolog (2011)
Are We There Yet?! Michelle Sørensen
DrageCon 8 (2008)
Are You There God? It's the Quarterly Earnings Report Margo Gray
Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)
Are you trying to be funny? Andreas Dørum
Grenselandet (2014)
💾 Area 51 Morten Lund
Fastaval XI - Paranormal Con (1997)
Arena 52 Daniel Bang Pedersen
LyngCon, efterår (2019)
Arenia Mortëns LinCon (2016)
Arfr - Arv Mikael Tysvær
Argentin J Li
Intercon N (2014)
💾 Arhems sista dagar Erik Granström
Tomas Härenstam
Stockholms Spelkonvent (2011)
Ariannas Bröllop
Ariellas dag
💾 Arken Alex Uth
Fastaval XI - Paranormal Con (1997)
💾 Arken – en remake-antologi Terese M. O. Nielsen
Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Viking-Con 31 (2012)
💾 Arkeologi för odödliga Daniel Bäcklund
Johan Englund
Magnus Pettersson
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXVIII (2014)
Arkus fånge Moa Frithiofsson
GothCon XLI (2017)
Armageddon Sun Tim M. Henriksen
Viking-Con 20 (2001)
Armer av övergivna CrossCon III (2006)
Armistice Arcane - Crowley Chronicle Pt. 1 Kathaleen Amende
Scott Brown
Mark Hill
Corey Lowenberg
Rob Paul
Jaimie Spencer
Armistice Arcane - Crowley Chronicle Pt. 2 Kathaleen Amende
Scott Brown
Mark Hill
Corey Lowenberg
Rob Paul
Jaimie Spencer
Armistice Arcane - Crowley Chronicle Pt. 3 Kathaleen Amende
Scott Brown
Mark Hill
Corey Lowenberg
Rob Paul
Jaimie Spencer
Armistice Arcane - Kingsford Chronicle Pt. 1 Kathaleen Amende
Scott Brown
Mark Hill
Corey Lowenberg
Rob Paul
Jaimie Spencer
Armistice Arcane - Kingsford Chronicle Pt. 2 Kathaleen Amende
Scott Brown
Mark Hill
Corey Lowenberg
Rob Paul
Jaimie Spencer
Armlæggeren Henrik Dithmer
Aroks ättlingar
Arrgghh what's that smell. AireCon 6 (2020)
Arriandians gåta Martin Persson
ChrisCon II (1999)
Arrival at Tau Ceti Ivan Žalac
PoRtaL 6: Plovdiv (2018)
Ars camelopandi Ben Lehman
Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
Ars Longa Kristen Hendricks
Intercon S (2019)
💾 Ars Longa, Vita Brevis Mikael Raaterova
Borås Spelkonvent 8: Circum Diem (1990)
Ars Magica (ARCON 14) Harald Øverby
ARCON 14: Illuminati (1998)
Ars Magica (ARCON 16) Haakon Olav Thunestvedt
ARCON 16: Twilight 2000 (2000)
Ars Magica (ARCON 17) Marius Johnsen
Haakon Olav Thunestvedt
ARCON 17: D&D (2001)
Ars Magica (ARCON 18) Marius Johnsen
Haakon Olav Thunestvedt
ARCON 18: Full Thrust (2002)
Ars Magica (Arcon 1992) ARCON 8: Paranoia (1992)
Ars Magica (ARCON 9) Janne Tørklep
ARCON 9: Warhammer Space Marines (1993)
Ars Magica (BSK 1989) Mikael Raaterova
Borås Spelkonvent 7: Semper Melior (1989)
Ars Magica (OernCon 1992) OernCon VI (1992)
Arsenic & Lies Karolina Soltys
The Smoke (2018)
Arsenik & Selskabskjoler Henrik Dall
Anne Serup Grove
Thomas Hansen
Kim Juulsgaard
Kenneth Mikkelsen
Carsten Nielsen
Hyggecon (2005)
Art & Artifice Merav Hoffman
Intercon S (2019)
Art/larp/art Hanne Grasmo
Solmukohta (2016)
💾 Artefakten Björn Wärmedal
SävCon XIX (2019)
Artefaktet Erik Jacoby Petersen
Con Dôme (2000)
Artemisia Ann Kristine Eriksen
Arthur Butnott's 60th birthday Ropecon (2018)
Artifakternas ed ÅbyCon Online (2021)
Artist: Unrecognized Mads Brynnum
Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
💾 Arvegods Staffan Lundén
Per Lundgren
GothCon XVIII (1994)
Arven TRoA VI (1993)
Arven Heinz Martin Bense
Fastaval (1994)
Arven Søren Jepsen
Con 92 (1992)
💾 Arven efter Onkel Doom Mads Havshøj
Ryan Rohde Hougaard
El Hyggecon - Revolution! (2006)
Arvens helte
Arvet GothCon XXI (1997)
Arvet Prolog (2011)
Arvet (BSK 1994) Ulf Hansson
Erik Sala
Borås Spelkonvent 12: Auri Sacra Fames (1994)
Arvet (CalCon 1996) CalCon III - Ab Ovo (1996)
💾 Arvet på St Marys Mikael Reidal
Gunnar Söderberg
GothCon XXXIII (2009)
Arvingen Lars Kaos Andresen
UnConventional (1995)
💾 Arvingen Björn Wärmedal
SävCon XVIII (2018)
Arvingen til King Industries (tMYDtMYL) Andreas Ravn Skovse
Anders Kjær Sloth
Krikkit Con XII - Skandale (2004)
Arvingerne Tyrfing Con - Fantasy Con (2018)
💾 Arvingerne - En total Fiasko! André Glasius Tischer
Susanne Glasius Tischer
Viking-Con 35 (2016)
💾 Arvsfiender Johan Englund
Mikael Reidal
GothCon XXXVI (2012)
Arvssynd Robert Holmberg
MittCon (1997)
Arvtagarnas tårar Gustav Nilsson
Prolog (2010)
💾 As long as we don’t tell anyone Anneli Friedner
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2021)
As on by is held in Nilas Dumstrei
The Smoke (2019)
As the Sun Falls Jesse Cox
Danielle Reese
Ariel Segall
Susan Weiner
Intercon H (2008)
As time goes by Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler
Calling All Heroes 7th Edition (1997)
As We Know It Alex Carlson
Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
💾 Ascalon-dynastiet Troels Ken Pedersen
Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Fastaval (2010)
Ascent to Hisseldale Kendra Beckler
Intercon O (2015)
ASF - Spelbar ChrisCon II (1999)
Asgardians of the Galaxy! Torgrim Husvik
ARCON 33: Vikinger (2017)
Asgoth - den 7. engel Jesper Wøldiche
FiskeCon part 2 (1994)
Asgårds helte Troels Frostholm Søe-Larsen
ESFROAG (2017)
Ashes of Discovery Ropecon (2018)
💾 Ashkhabad Blues Micael Jerkenstam
Fredrik Karlandus
GothCon XXXIV (2010)
Aska över Torseth Joe Dever
August Hahn
GothCon XXXIX (2015)
💾 Aske - Tilbage til Stahlbrügge Martin Svendsen
Viking-Con 23 (2004)
Askebunken Thais Laursen Munk
Con Artist 2 (2016)
Asking for It Mo Holkar
Laura Wood
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2018)
Aslan hjelmen Sven Münther
Viking-Con 4 (1985)
ASPIRE OrCCon (2022)
Assasination FRB-con (1995)
ASSASSINS Freeform Live SydCon '92 (1992)
Assassins Guild: Dyrebart job Felix Stosiek
ESFROAG (2020)
Assault on Absalom Mikko Kallio
Ropecon (2018)
Assei Rollspelet - Kampens Hjältar Hugo Drakemyr
Wexio Spelkonvent (2017)
Assentoft - Djævlen og kornet Carsten Daugaard
Con Dôme (1996)
Astrologiens Ofre Jacob Lund Jensen
Asylbrekket Haakon Olav Thunestvedt
ARCON 34: Weird West (2018)
Asylum Nicoline Bro
Niels Brian Sørensen
Fastaval 007 (2007)
Asylum Bertil Frykholm
Per Rolandsson
SävCon VII (2007)
Asylum Anandi Gandalfi
Margaret E. Landreth
Intercon D (2004)
At Arm's-Length Tayler Stokes
Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
At drømme er at leve Lars Buur Lauridsen
Vintervap (1996)
At føle Mennesket Jens Thorup Rasmussen
Fastaval (1995)
At heste eller ikke at heste... Jesper Buhl
FiskeCon (1993)
At Infinity Anne Ratchat
Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
At jage en skygge Thomas Kruse
DrageCon 5 (2007)
At læse sjæle Frederik Berg
Viking-Con 33 (2014)
At smølfe en Smølf TRoR IV (1992)
At stå på egne ben Andreas Lieberoth
Claustrum Con II (1997)
At the Cantina - Rymdlajv Frida Gamero
Karin Johansson
Prolog (2018)
At the Crossroads Ropecon (2018)
At the Edge Sebastian Flamant
Viking-Con 14 (1995)
At the End of the Day Ben Llewellyn
Intercon G (2007)
At the End of the River Kamil Bartczak
Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
At the end of the road Sven Münther
Viking-Con 7 (1988)
💾 At the foot of Yggdrasil Anna-Karin Linder
Frida Karlsson Lindgren
At the Mountains of Meth Madness Ropecon (2017)
At Være eller ikke At Være Mikkel Bækgaard
Fastaval: Otto for folket (2023)
At være eller ikke være... Dværg Lars Hammer Andersen
Krikkit Con XII - Skandale (2004)
💾 At være eller ikke være... Dværg... Igen Lars Hammer Andersen
Krikkit Con Mk XIII (2006)
💾 At være eller ikke være... Dværg... Igen x4 Lars Hammer Andersen
Krikkit Con XVI (2010)
💾 At være eller ikke være... Dværg... Igen... Igen Lars Hammer Andersen
Krikkit Fantasy XIV (2007)
At være eller ikke være… Dværg… Igen… Igen… Igen Lars Hammer Andersen
Krikkit Con XV - The Brædtspil (2010)
At What Cost Christopher Amherst
Tegan L. Hendrickson
Intercon M (2013)
Ates' Forbandelse Magnus Nygaard
Fantask Spilfestival (2005)
💾 Athena's Chosen Anna-Karin Linder
Susanne Vejdemo
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)
Athena’s Have Magnus Nygaard
Viking-Con 28 (2009)
💾 Athinopa Jonas Breum Jensen
Anders Vestergaard Mortensen
Horrorcon (1999)
Atlanta – bag masken
Atlantic City, 1920: Monopoly David Braslow
Joey Brunelle
Katie Gordon
Intercon O (2015)
💾 Atlantis Daniel Lehto
Klosscon I (2013)
Atlantis - 1001 Delfiner Klaus Green Andersen
Caspar Gregers Jensen
Torben "spejderdreng" Jørgensen
Fastaval - Atlantis (1999)
Atomic winter Morten Hansen (I)
Chop Con (2002)
Atomskibet Lars Konzack
💾 Aton-Rezi´s Profetia Thomas Alm
Joakim Lundvall
Borås Spelkonvent 5 (1987)
Att (åter)vinna ära Martin Birgersson
Anders Lindskog
HelCon -90 (1990)
Att döma eller dömas? Peter Andersson
SnöKon (1996)
Att kröna en kung Fredrik Jönsson
Borås Spelkonvent 38 (2021)
💾 Att leva i Utopia Per Holmgren
Stockholms Spelkonvent (1996)
Att rädda en vacker jungfru MittCon (1992)
Attack of the Spacechicken Henrik Olsen
Chop Con (1998)
Attack on the Amaranth Temple KryptCon VI (2022)
Attunement - Scandi Academy Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen
ESFROAG (2017)
Attunement - The Hidden Academy Bjørn-Morten Vang Gundersen
ESFROAG (2019)
Atzané Atzore - En ualmindelig mærkelig situation Gitte Søe-Larsen
ESFROAG (2022)
Auge des Orkans M. A. B.
Danni Rune
Ole Sørensen
RusCon 12 - Tema (2003)
💾 Augustas skygge Kristoffer Rudkjær
Fastaval - Dia de los Fastos (2015)
Augustenborg Jhez Salin
Con Dôme (1995)
Auktionen Mikkel Bækgaard
Søren Koch Dalsgaard
Troels Rohde Hansen
Ryan Rohde Hougaard
Jonas Breum Jensen
Ulrik Høyer Kold
Jonas Rosenvinge
Horrorcon (1999)
Ausland SillyCon IX (2000)
Auspicious Beginnings Rebecca Borgstrom
Con Dôme (2006)
💾 Auszug aus dem Feenwald Gerrit Reininghaus
💾 Auto de fe Peter Fallesen
Fastaval 007 (2007)
Autumn of life Tomas H.V. Mørkrid
Grenselandet (2013)
Av Kött och Trä GothCon XLVI (2023)
Avalon Prolog (2013)
💾 Avanceret gruppeterapi Edin Janković Šumar
Fastaval (2016)
Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs! Andrew Tripp
GuardianCON XIX (2021)
💾 Ave Adam Dennis Gade Kofod
Orkon - Wild West ORKON (2000)
Ave Caesar
💾 Avgrundens årstider Lukas Sjöström
GothCon XXXVII (2013)
Avlägsna bajset från trappuppgången, tack! Prolog (2015)
Avsaknaden av rakbladskatter Ulf Bengtsson
Mikael Kullberg
Patrik Lundquist
GothCon XXII (1998)
Avsågade mutanter med hagelgevär (eller vad det tvärt om?) John Bonér
CalCon X - Western (2004)
Awake at the Witching Hour Eric Fritz
Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)
Awakening Malcolm Campbell
Natalie Curd
Nick Curd
Megan Jones
Alli Mawhinney
Tyrfing Con - RPG Con (2019)
Awakening the dragon Oskar Grindemyr
LinCon (2004)
💾 Awir Emaasil! Stefan Burström
Micke Nordin
Åke Rosenius
LinCon (1990)
Awkward Raffale Manzo
Tallinn International Larp Festival (2018)
Ay Dios Mio! Megan Coppock
Intercon O (2015)
Aye Dark Overlord Martin Andersen
UdkantsCon 3 (2020)
Ayhem Oskar Wallströmer
NärCon (2006)
Aztlan Cowboys Ulf Porup Thomasen
RusCon 14 (2005)
Azurills Udvalgte Lars Ræder Clausen
Bjarne Fich
Brian Kofod
Jane Holst Mogensen
Aurin Ræder
TRoA IX (1994)
Aalborg Agenterne - en roadmovie i det jyske Thais Laursen Munk
Orkon - Aspiranteksamen (2004)
Aalborg Banden The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)
Aalborg by Night Søren Parbæk
TRoA IX (1994)
Aarhus Filerne Ann Christensen
Mathias Oliver Lykke Christensen