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A Crown of Hearts

System: LARP
Deltagare: 16 spelare, Male characters: 7, Female characters: 8, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 1

Arrangerat av

Paranoid & Crotchety


✏️Lily Benderskaya
✏️Tory Root


_It is a balmy summer evening, full of magic and mystery, and the gates to the Palace of Storms have been thrown open. The unknown lord of this towering castle, perched high amongst howling winds and rocky hills, looming over the fertile southern fields of the Kingdom of Alshen, has decreed a ball to be held upon this night. Here shall lurk secrets and disguises, love and sorcery. Here shall gather kings and queens, princes and princesses. And here they shall revel, waited upon by invisible servants, until the stroke of midnight. And upon the stroke of midnight, who knows what strange wishes shall come true?_

_A Crown of Hearts_ is a fairy-tale evening for sixteen players, full of romance, drama, adventure, and metamorphosis. Characters will have a chance to travel across the world and engage in various brief adventures that are integral to main gameplay. This game deals with some disturbing themes and dark subject matter, and is recommended for mature players.

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Intercon N (2014)

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