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A Place Where Dragons Dream

System: LARP
Deltagare: 7 spelare


✏️Zovi McEntee


"All dragonkind with minds encumbered With those thoughts of worlds in slumber May no longer have the trouble Of a block by mental rubble For now there is indeed a way To be spirited away Into your mind, or wherever is The place where dreamers do exist..."

And so the invitation read, And as you gleaned all that it said, You, proud dragon, have decided To become more dreaming-minded For perhaps a noble cause Or a motive filled with flaws What will you choose to pursue If you may dream as dragons do? A Place Where Dragons Dream is a rules-light roleplay-and-improv-heavy all-dragon LARP for seven players in a world where dragons live amongst themselves and dreams are merely a legend. Players will be asked to remove their humanity and insert themselves into mythical beings faced with challenges to their perceptions and souls.

This game requires some degree of impromptu improvisation. Most characters will have romantic relationships (only PG). Some characters will be involved in an emotionally abusive relationship.

Here Be Dragons Dreaming.

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Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)

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