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ForumCon (2004)

Plats: Oticon-huset, DTU, Lyngby, Danmark 🗺️
Datum: 16. - 18. juli 2004

Del av: Övriga

Om konventet:

ForumCon is a small Roleplaying Con in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The idea for this con originated on White Wolf's roleplaying forums (hence the name) where some of the forumites thought it would be a great idea to meet up in person sometime to play some games and generally have fun!

Just because it originated in some obscure forum that you may never have heard about, doesn't mean you can't come! Basically anyone with an interest in roleplaying games can come, so don't be discouraged by the strange origin of the Con!

The standard language of the con is English so the foreign participants won't be left out!

Entré: 100 kr. ved forudbetaling, 150 kr. i døren.


A fair time in Köln Jacob Klünder Mind's Eye Theatre
A Midsummer Night’s Scream Niels-Martin Trier Josefsen Call of Cthulhu
A Sorceror must Suffer - a tale of six wizards Anders Michael Helms Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (stærkt modificeret)
Broken Promises Krister Michl Dark Ages: Fae
Carthage Reborn? Jacob Klünder Vampire: The Masquerade
Extra Persuasion Nicolai H. Wium Call of Cthulhu
Ghost Story Jhez Salin Storyteller System
Never send a man to do a wolf's job Maiken Klünder Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Paris: Dead in the City of Light Marc Kinsville Vampire: The Masquerade
The adventures of the Æon society Mikkel Berget White Wolf's Adventure!
The curse of Krügal Svylse Peter Wrede Drakar och Demoner
The Radishah must die! Janet Trautvetter D&D 3rd Edition D20
The Spanish Inquisition Niels Just Rasmussen Dark Ages
Via Dolorosa Jhez Salin Vampire: The Masquerade


Con Boss Jacob Klünder
Moral support Maiken Klünder
Online sign-up nerd Nicolai H. Wium
Website, scenarios and signups Mikkel Berget


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