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Never send a man to do a wolf's job

System: Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Genre: Efterforskning


✏️Maiken Klünder


The werewolves of the Sept of Stag's Grace have been losing Kinfolk. They've been disappearing, one at a time. The first disappearance was months ago, and now six people are missing.

But the End Times are near, the Garou Nation's resources are spread thin as it is... and frankly, none of the missing people were important enough to get the werewolves' knickers in a twist.

This time it's different, though. The Caern Warder's pregnant wife has disappeared - and she may be carrying a cub. So the only werewolf the Sept can spare is put in charge of a crack team of kinfolk to sort this out and get her back.

Only one problem now; the werewolf in question is 16, and the kinfolk aren't happy!

A scenario for 5 players, the characters are the young werewolf and the four kinfolk in the team.

Spelat på

ForumCon (2004)

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