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PoRtaL 10: Kraków (2022)

PoRtaL 10: Kraków

Plats: Kraków, Polen
Datum: 24. - 26. juni 2022

Del av: PoRtaL Larp Convention

Om konventet:

Dear LARPers from Europe and beyond, may the Winds bring you to Kraków, which in June 2022 will play the role of a junction between the LARP cultures of North, South, East and West.

The Rose of the Winds in our logo symbolizes travel on multiple levels: travel of people, stories, values, games, various design and production strategies.

Lectures, workshops, and discussions

City LARPs and chamber larps

Crafting corner, chillout zone, integration parties

Call for Content will be announced by the end of November 2021


A Game of Guilty Steampunk Zombie-Cyborgs Fotini Tyrovouzi Absolution in Brass
How to Trick People Into Learning Stuff Fotini Tyrovouzi Lasers & Feelings
💾 The Drinklings Mo Holkar
Anna-Karin Linder
Gabriel March
Ties That Bind Alexander Alexiou LARP


Organizer Beata Subczak
Organizer Danai Chondrokouki
Organizer Jakub Jamrozik
Organizer Jakub Korzycki
Organizer Julia Leśniewska
Organizer Karolina Bednarczyk
Organizer Krzysia Korzycka
Organizer Maciej Tajduś
Organizer Maciej Tajduś
Organizer Marcin Słowikowski
Organizer Patrycja Paula Gas
Organizer Zbyszek Janczukowicz
Organizer Zofia Skowrońska

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