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Pretty Boys

Deltagare: 12-22 spelare


✏️Lukas Renklint


This is a story about three families in a matriarchy. We follow them a normal day and use their story to explore gender structures and gendered oppression. We look at the patriarchy by mirroring the structures in a matriarchy.

Via short scenes we play out a day in their lives, going to school, preparing and eating dinner and a party that gets a bit out of hand. It is the group’s interactions that is in focus for this scenario. Conversation, body language and clothing is techniques used in this game.

Who do you listen to and who listens to you? What are you prepared to believe to protect your children? Oh, and did you hear about the new trending workout program? Guaranteed to give a man a good workout without building muscles and gives you something to do while your wife and kids are away all day.

You play either female or male, adult or teenager. If you identify as female or male it is preferred that you play your identified gender. If you do not identify as either female or male you choose what you are most comfortable playing.

Spelat på

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)

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