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AireCon 8 (2023)

AireCon 8

Plats: Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate, Storbritannien 🗺️
Datum: 9. - 12. mars 2023

Del av: AireCon


A Eulogy for Faro Point Chris Scown Death in Space
Against the cult of the Nazi gods Remi Fayomi 2D20
Animal Adventures. Blame or Shame? Lauraine Compton D&D 5th Edition
Attack On Titan Ian Bews D&D 5th Edition
Avatar legends Aang era Andy Moulster Powered by the Apocalypse
Carnival of the Damned David Gallico Dungeon Crawl Classics
Daniel Fishy Business Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
Death And Neverending Glory In the Infamous Dungeon of Inescapable Doom Jimi Fallows Talisman Adventures
DnD Intros Neil Merryweather D&D 5th Edition
Doom to Dragonrise Guy Milner 13th Age
Dread (AireCon 2023) Jack Smith
Eotenweard Alun Rees Powered by the Apocalypse
Good vibes only Robert Compton Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
Guild Pact Day Massacre Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
Hoppets sista dagar Millie Lavelle ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game
Into The Howling Wastes Guy Milner 13th Age
It fell upon the Lammas time... Iain Nisbet Pendragon
Learn to Play Pathfinder Mark Price Pathfinder 2nd Edition
M is for Mother Jim Heru Bots & Pieces
Mystery, Incorporated! Chris Scown Monster of the Week
Of Leaves and Stewed Hobbit Ferg Hadley Adventures in Middle-Earth D&D 5e
Paranoia: AireCon DLC James Walker Paranoia
💾 Perfect Organism  Steve Hatherley ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game
Rain of Mercy Remi Fayomi Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay Wrath & Glory
ReContact Martin Pickett Traveller Mongoose 2e
Rise of the Plague Queen Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
Sailors on the Starless Sea Jo Wignall Dungeon Crawl Classics
Shadow of the Beakmen Jo Wignall Dungeon Crawl Classics
Sky Hard Martin Pickett Traveller Mongoose 2e
Splat the Rat Neil Merryweather D&D 5th Edition
Summer in December Millie Lavelle Nordiska Väsen
The Angel of Stonehaven Brewer Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
The Boggart Millie Lavelle Ur Varselklotet
The Bone Swallower Steve Hatherley FATE Accelerated
The Bot with the Yellow Bandana Jim Heru Bots & Pieces
The Dig Simon Rice ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game
The Drakr Games PJ Coffey D&D 5th Edition Advanced Fifth Edition
The Dread Wyrm Egg Hunt Jimi Fallows Talisman Adventures
The Ghosts of Alexandria Ian Muir Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
The Gnomes of Millforth Saul Thorne Monster of the Week
The Heretic's Hall Chris Scown MÖRK BORG
The Keepers of the Woods Rick Hollingworth Trail of Cthulhu
The Last Carnivale Simon Rice Ur Varselklotet
The Limhouse Lurker David Morrison The Between
The Marauders of Wheppersnade Cove Jimi Fallows Talisman Adventures
Testkörning The Monster of Main Pass Rick Hollingworth Genesys (Modified/Simplified)
The N.D.U (Neighbourhood Defence Unit) Jim Heru Bots & Pieces
The Scent of Blood Alun Rees Against the Dark Conspiracy
The Second Confirmation Thomas Baird Pathfinder Society 2e
The Stars In Our Fault Martin Pickett Traveller Mongoose 2e
The Stockbridge Affair Ian Muir Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space
The Superior Six vs the Austion of Evil! Ian Muir The Comics Code
The Superior Six! Iain Muir The Comics Code
Tomb Of Dreams James Walker Exalted 3rd Edition
Unfathomable Mysteries of The Black Coast Remi Fayomi 2D20
United in Purpose Simon Hudson Pathfinder 2nd Edition
Wedding at Kyotei Castle Alex Pearson Legend of the Five Rings
What A Fiasco Tim Partridge Fiasco
Who Stole All The dumplings? Dan Marriott D&D 5th Edition
Year of Boundless Wonder Terry Thambpillai Pathfinder 2nd Edition


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