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GuardianCON XIX (2021)

GuardianCON XIX

Plats: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
Datum: 24. - 27. juni 2021

Del av: GuardianCON

Om konventet:

Established in 2003, GuardianCon is an annual DIY gaming convention held in Lynwood, Washington, in mid-to-late June.

No frills, no celebrity guests, no sponsorships, just games. We share the expense of snacks, beverages, etc. ($30 for the con, $10/day pro-rated, with GM discounts).
You name the gaming system, someone most likely has run it at GuardianCon since its inception in 2003: Villains & Vigilantes, D&D (3.0 to 5.0), Marvel Heroic/Cortex Plus, Champions, AD&D, Star Trek (Decipher), LOTR, Star Wars (WEG), d20 Modern, Marvel SAGA (WOTC card-based), Operation: Fallen Reich, Hellcats & Hockeysticks, Savage Worlds, Living Legends, Warhammer 40K, Dark Heresy, Exalted, Pathfinder, multiple home-brewed systems...


Avast, Ye Scurvy Dogs! Andrew Tripp Savage Worlds
Bashing in the Bog! Jonah Locken d20 System
Blades in the Dark! (GuardianCON) Andrew Tripp Blades in the Dark
Crisis of Champions! Doug Taylor Supers! Red
Do No Harm Thaddeus Rice Powered by the Apocalypse
House of the Willows Thaddeus Rice
Natural Gorn Killers Glen Lyons Powered by the Apocalypse
New Hopes Thaddeus Rice Fri form
Nine Lives in the Fast Lane Glen Lyons Powered by the Apocalypse
Stranded and Confused Call of Cthulhu
Stupid Villains! Andrew Taylor Villains and Vigilantes
The Minoan Affair Magnus Bergqvist The Troubleshooters
Who can you Really Trust? Don't Look Back
Xcrawl Penal League: Folsom Prison Blood! Thaddeus Rice Dungeon Crawl Classics


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