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Francesco Rugerfred Sedda

Född: 14 juli 1990 (33 år)


✏️ Her Inner Dead Ends Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
✏️ Soaring Fragments Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
Grafiskform Weekly Leaks Nordic Game Jam (2016)
✏️ Creator's Fair Blackbox Cph VI (2016)
✏️ White Sheet Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)
Grafiskform Ship! Ship! PapJam (2017)
✏️ Leave or Stay Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)
✏️ A Torturer's Tool Nordic Game Jam (2018)
✏️ The Last Sunset Tallinn International Larp Festival (2018)
Grafiskform Villanova PapJam Scratch (2018)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Her Inner Dead Ends: Vinnare, Most Polished and Ready-to-Play Game
In Her Inner Dead Ends, Francesco Sedda and Francesco Zani present a simultaneously languid and thrilling rumination on fandom in all its troubling complexity. We all love the fictional universe created by fictive author J. S. Hunts, of course, but when two superfans meet in real life for the first time all bets are off - because their online community has literally been erased. Anyone who has ever taken a deep dive into online community (and that includes all the judges, and probably you) will easily identify with the themes of Her Inner Dead Ends - belonging, dissolution, grudges old and new and identities that may not be as secure as they appear. The online personas that the designers have crafted are absolutely spot on. Tightly written and full of simple, elegant mechanics, Her Inner Dead Ends promises a satisfying play experience for two jaded J.S. Hunts enthusiasts.

Nordic Game Jam (2016)

Weekly Leaks: Nominerad, Jury Award (3rd Place/tie)

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