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OrCCon (2023)

Plats: Hilton, Los Angeles Airport, CA, USA
Datum: 17. - 20. februari 2023

Del av: OrCCon

Om konventet:

Strategicon brings to you the widest array of family, historical, fantasy, and science fiction board, card, computer, miniatures, and roleplaying games at each and every one of our conventions.


A Dish Best Served Cold D&D 5th Edition
A Quick Trip to France John Paul Spore Achtung! Cthulhu
Beneath the Fetid Chelimber D&D 5th Edition
Burning of Galgenbeck Cathedral John Paul Spore Mörk Borg
Chelimber’s Descent D&D 5th Edition
Cloud Giant's Bargain D&D 5th Edition
Countdown Heath Row Doctor Who RPG
Durlag’s Tower D&D 5th Edition
Elderwood Alexander Lepera Troika!
Goblin Grinder Ripley Caldwell
Johan Nohr
John Paul Spore
Mörk Borg
In Dire Need Jay Africa D&D 5th Edition
In the Emperor's Name...WE SHALL PARTY! Keenan Kibrick Nice Marines
In the Line of Fire Hunter Fox Star Wars Age of Rebellion
It Must Be Wednesday Louis Garcia Bedlam Hall - Powered by the Apocolypse
Manhattanverse - X Marks the Spot Michale Shupe Dark Champions (Hero System)
My Hero Academia: UA Academy Keenan Kibrick Masks: a new generation
Paterfamilias Louis Garcia Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition
Project: ASPIRE - If it's all the same to you... Michale Shupe GURPS
Stranded & Surrounded Jeff McArthur Star Trek
The Ark of the Mountains D&D 5th Edition
The Black Road Ben Heisler
Paige Leitman
D&D 5th Edition
The Caves of the Sacred Seven Heath Row Old-School Essentials
The Collapse Michale Shupe GURPS
The Tremere Chronicles Louis Garcia Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
This Is Only A Test Michale Shupe One D&D
Uninvited Guests D&D 5th Edition


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