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Across the Sea of Stars

System: LARP
Deltagare: 18-24 spelare, Male characters: 5-8, Female characters: 5-7, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 8-9

Arrangerat av

TNT Productions


✏️Jenny Diewald
✏️Jordan Diewald
ArrangörLynn Anslow
ArrangörSusan Giusto
ArrangörTim Lasko
ArrangörBarry Tannenbaum

Intercon F (2006), Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangörJenny Diewald

Intercon I (2009), Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

ArrangörJenny Diewald

Intercon O (2015), USA

ArrangörJenny Diewald
ArrangörCharlie McCutcheon


This is the history of the future.

In the Age of Expansion, starships set out in a thousand different directions, some chosen, some accidental, growing ripples of influence across the sea of stars. When the ripples began to collide and interfere, the galaxy entered the Age of Contact. There were conflicts and conquests, projects and progress. The galaxy grew both larger and smaller, all in the span of a few centuries. As more and more races sailed their ships across the sea of stars, the Coterie emerged, an agreement that spanned the galaxy. The Age of Federation was born. There were still disagreements. Some of them were small, and could be resolved with diplomacy, economics and technology. Some of them were large, waves that threatened to wash across the entire galactic sea, waves that could wipe clean millennia of efforts and quadrillions of lives...

The Klorn were ancient before anyone found them, a race so old that they must be one of the first to rise to sentience. Until now, they have resisted every effort to bring them into the Coterie - but everything you know about the Klorn is wrong... The Klorn have unexpectedly agreed to consider joining the Coterie, if representatives of the various races will tell the tales of how each of them came to the Coterie. This game tells those tales.

Inspired by _Tales of Pendragon_, you will play characters representing your race before the Klorn. Those characters will recreate moments from the history of the future, playing legendary and forgotten figures, telling the tales of the races as they set sail _Across the Sea of Stars_.

Spelat på

Intercon F (2006)
Intercon I (2009)
Intercon O (2015)

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