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Scenarier skrevet af forfatterkollektivet Vi åker jeep, eller inspireret af deres teknikker.


💾 Ditch'd (Enjoy the Silence) J. Tuomas Harviainen RopeCon (2009)
💾 Doubt Fredrik Axelzon
Tobias Wrigstad
Fastaval 007 (2007)
💾 Drunk Tobias Wrigstad Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)
Fat Man Down Frederik Berg Fastaval (2009)
💾 Four Fates Tobias Wrigstad RopeCon (2006)
💾 Growing up Anna Westerling Fastaval (2010)
💾 Happy Ends Tobias Wrigstad Fastaval (2009)
💾 Hostage! Thorbiörn Fritzon
Tobias Wrigstad
RopeCon (2007)
Lady and Otto Frederik Berg Fastaval (2005)
💾 Lives Births Deaths Martin Rother-Schirren
Tobias Wrigstad
Fastaval (2008)
💾 No Sign of Alex Jan Salomonsson
Tobias Wrigstad
SydCon 10 (En Odyssé) (2001)
Passion Fruit Nathan Hook Fastaval (2010)
Previous Occupants Frederik Berg
Tobias Wrigstad
Fastaval (2010)
💾 Robin's Friends Anna Westerling Forum (2012)
💾 Summer Lovin’ Anna Westerling
Elin Nilsen
Trine Lise Lindahl
Fastaval (2012)
💾 Teknisk uheld Fredrik Axelzon
Per Wetterstrand
Tobias Wrigstad
Fastaval (2008)
💾 The Journey Fredrik Axelzon Fastaval (2010)
💾 The Kick Inside Kristoffer Lindh
Martin Rother-Schirren
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)
Under My Skin Emily Care Boss Fastaval (2009)

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