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Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)

Location: Långholmens folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden 🗺️
Date: 13. - 15. November 2015

Part of: Stockholm Scenario Festival

About the convention:

Stockholm Scenario Festival is all about great games. We gather for a weekend to play and improvise different stories and scenarios together. It is freeform games, role-playing games, larps and jeepform all in one. We pick the best from the world, and mix it up with newly written games. It is interactive and participatory.
- Play five games during the week-end from 18 games.
- Emotional experiences
- Central Stockholm.
- Food is included
- We have a bar/café
- Living home or hostel/hotel just close by.


Beyond the Barricades Rosalind Göthberg
Eva Wei
💾 Deranged Jeppe Bergmann Hamming
Maria Bergmann Hamming
💾 Distance Morten Jaeger
💾 Drunk Tobias Wrigstad
💾 Easter - a Tragedy Tim Slumstrup Aunkilde
Love in the Age of Debasement Geir Tore Brenne
Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Making Silence/Breaking Silence Tayler Stokes
💾 Mom, Dad and Sophie Stefan Skriver Lægteskov
Kristian Bach Petersen
💾 Papers Petter Karlsson
Martin Rother-Schirren
Prosthetics Kristoffer Lindh
Amelie Rother-Schirren
Seems Only Yesterday Lauma Klintsone
Six Months, Three Days James Stuart
Sara Williamson
💾 Summer Lovin’ Trine Lise Lindahl
Elin Nilsen
Anna Westerling
💾 The Black Pram Alex Uth
💾 The Last Adventure Elin Gissén
Max Møller
💾 The Testimony Susanne Gräslund
Anders Hultman
💾 These Are the Days of Our Lives Mo Holkar
💾 What Is Love? Tova Gerge
Mikael Hansén Goobar


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