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Kristoffer Lindh


Organizer Bergen vid världens ände Prolog (2009)
Prolog (2015)
✏️ Saker som händer Prolog (2010)
Organizer Architects Prolog (2011)
✏️ The Dreaming Prolog (2012)
💾 ✏️ The Kick Inside Grenselandet (2012)
Organizer 15 minuter från Tulsa Prolog (2013)
💾 Organizer Mulholland Larp Prolog (2013)
Organizer Skugga: Bergen vid världens ände Prolog (2015)
✏️ Prosthetics Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)
Organizer Prosthetics Stockholm Scenario Festival (2015)
Prolog (2016)
Organizer Never For Ever Prolog (2016)
Organizer Tillblivelsen Prolog (2017)
✏️ The Birds Sing a Pretty Song Prolog (2018)

Organizer roles

Stockholms Spelkonvent (2007) Brädspel

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The Larp Factory Roundup Page 54 Issue #4 (February 2012) Playground Magazine

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