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Playground Magazine

Issue #4 - February 2012


PDF Playground Magazine issue 4 [English] (24.8 MB)


Editor-in-chief Matthijs Holter
Editor Sanne Harder
Editor Anders Nygaard
Editor Morten Greis Petersen Fakkelskov
Editor Juhana Pettersson
Editor Jonas Trier
Editor Even Tømte
Editor Konstantin Vetlugin
Art Direction & Design Karina Graj
Art Direction & Design Thomas Sørlie Hansen
Art Direction & Design Li Xin
Front cover image Michael Hacker
Organization & Support Erland Bruer
Organization & Support Petter Karlsson
Organization & Support Erlend Eidsem Hansen
Print Arkan


Page 2 Editorial Larpers don’t like to think Matthijs Holter Text
Page 4 Love in a Time of HIV
Martin Nielsen Text
Astrid Solgaard Artwork
Li Xin Photo
Page 8 Sandman is a Lazy Game Master
There's an inn, far away on a wild road up the hills of Como. You drive up this road, and probably at some point you park in the woods, because the road is too steep. You reach the inn by foot. You recognize characters from comics and movies waiting outside. You get past the curtain and you're in the game.
Lorenzo Trenti Text
Thomas Sørlie Hansen Illustration
Page 11 Memento Mori
Death should be the same as a life – we don’t become somebody other just because we die.
– Michel de Montaigne

Ludmila Vitkevich Text
Thomas Sørlie Hansen Illustration
Ksenia Kozlovskaya Photos
Page 16 Table Talk & 8th-Grade-itis
To roleplay in Japan, you need to know your honobono
Matthew Sanchez Text
Matthew Sanchez Photos
Page 19 What Do Elves Smell Like?
They smell soapy. With a hint of wood preservation.
Sanne Harder Text
Julie Dillon Illustrations
Page 22 Something From Nothing
In 2011, Finland’s roleplaying scene exploded in a frenzy of indie publications.
Juhana Pettersson Text
Page 26 Master of Puppets
Kids are just like people, but not really.
Jarosław Kopeć Text
Page 30 Tales of a Torturer
Rough interrogations, sleep deprivation and cold water hosing. Kapo was a game that stripped players of their civil rights.
Peter Fallesen Text
Peter Munthe-Kaas Pictures
Page 36 Itras by
Introducing the surreal Norwegian tabletop role playing game «Itra’s City».
Ole Peder Giæver Text and ideas
Martin Bull Gudmundsen Text and ideas
Håken Lid Text and ideas
Magnus Jakobsson Text and ideas
Kaare Berg Text and ideas
Matthijs Holter Text and ideas
Thore Hansen Illustrations
Page 38 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Terror strikes as our reporter moves unto the Hollywood larping scene.
Kasper Friis Hansen Text
Kasper Friis Hansen Photos
Page 42 I'll bet on red
The biggest and most controversial campaign in Russian larping history
Konstantin Vetlugin Text
Ludmila Vitkevich Text
Anastasia Sarkisya Text
Elena Palm Photos
Li Xin Illustration
Page 46 The Larp Culture Café
We have seen the end of the world. It is in Russia, and it has cosplay.
Geir Tore Brenne Text
Page 48 Wild Strawberries
A roleplaying game
Guilia Barbano Text
Luca Ricci Text
Page 54 The Larp Factory Roundup
Bringing out the unsusal [sic] suspects.
Anders Nygaard Text
Petter Karlsson Text
Li Xin Illustration
Page 59 The Protagonist
A Setting that's open for players will sometimes attact authors.
Even Tømte Text

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