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Alexandria is continuously updated - only major additions are mentioned here:

April 1, 2020:
Willkommen, Deutschland! Alexandria ist jetzt ins Deutsche übersetzt worden. Uns fehlen jedoch eure Szenarios und Information über eure Kongresse. Wenn du etwas darüber wissen oder davon haben solltest, kontaktiere uns bitte. Vielen Dank im Voraus.

[in English: Welcome Germany! Alexandria is now translated to German. We are still missing your scenarios and information about your events. If you have anything for us please contact us. Thanks in advance.]

March 13, 2020:
A lot of upcoming events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, including CREATE Jam - Spring 2020, Solmukotha, Fastaval, GothCon XLIV, and Nordic Game Jam. Alexandria will gladly preserve and host your scenarios. Stay safe!

March 8, 2020:
StocKon IV (1998) and SydCon 10 (2001) have been added with programmes and scenario lists.

March 5, 2020:
GothCon XVI (1992) has been entered.

February 26, 2020:
Scenario list for LinCon (2020) has been added.

February 24, 2020:
Prolog 2019 and 2020 as well as MittCon (1995) have been updated with scenario lists.

February 18, 2020:
GothCon XLIV (2020) has been updated with information about scenarios.

February 6, 2020:
Information about Aarhus Brætspilsfestival (2020), UdkantsCon 3 (2020) and a bunch of SävCon has been added.

February 4, 2020:
QueerCon 2019 has been added.

January 23, 2020:
Introductions for designer board games for Fastaval 2020 have been added as well.

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Board games:376
RPG systems:240
Scenarios for download:1280
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April 2020
2.-5: Solmukotha
3.-5: Chopcon
3.-5: Lyng Con
8.-12: Fastaval - Otto in Space
10.-12: GothCon XLIV
10.-12: KatastrofeCon 3 - Lykkens gang Ʊ
16.-20: Nordic Game Jam 2020
18.-19: PåskCon VII
May 2020
1.-2: Minsk Larp Festival
21.-23: Nordsken
21.-24: LinCon
29.-31: Tyrfing Con – Vampyr Con
June 2020
19.-22: ARCON 36: Cyberpunk
26.-28: Wexio Spelkonvent
August 2020
27.-29: Nero Light Begins
September 2020
11.-13: Forum
October 2020
9.-11: Viking-Con 39
10.-13: ESFROAG
29.-1: SävCon XX
November 2020
27.-29: Stockholm Scenario Festival