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Sahara Expedition

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 70 players

Organized by

Chaos League


OrganizerHédi Belhadj Brahim (Saharan guide)
OrganizerStefano Fazzini (Saharan guide)


Sahara Expedition – In search of the Unknown is a high-budget live action roleplaying game for 60+ players in the style of Southern Way/New Italian Larp, set against the most fascinating natural backdrop: the Sahara Desert.

It is also a larp redefining the boundaries of its craft, setting the bar higher, a way to dream big, to bring stories to their habitat, to live a great journey within the game and outside of it. A full package, an incredible, unique experience.

During the event, players will step in the shoes of technicians, administrators, soldiers, politicians, explorers, scientists and adventurers taking part in the Sutton – Gudrian expedition.

A fully immersive game experience, where every character can make a difference.

Runs 🗺️

6. - 9. October 2022🗺️Sahara, Douz, Tunisia: Run #3-#4 English Run


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