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Dresden Files 1922 LARP

RPG system: LARP


OrganizerAj Mooney (Aesthetics/Independent Lead)
OrganizerSean Mooney (Larp Runner)
OrganizerAnastasia Storer (Project Manager)
OrganizerJesse Robbins (Red/Black Court Lead)
OrganizerEmber Randall (Safety/White Court Lead)
OrganizerGabbie (Seelie Lead)
OrganizerSorin (Unseelie Lead)
OrganizerTyler Walpole (Website Art)
OrganizerEricka Skirpan (White Council Lead)


You Are Cordially Invited
Honored Friends, Enemies, and those who count themselves among both,

Queen Mab cordially invites you to attend a weekend celebration within her beautiful Realm. Enjoy the Queen of Air and Darkness' Hospitality as we witness her dear niece's wedding to the mortal kith Antonio Rossi.

This is a time for bitter rivalries to be set aside, old friends to reunite, and new paths to be forged. Celebrate with confidence that only the condemned would upset such joyous accords. The first night shall be a revelry of the like not seen since the turn of the century. Formal business with Winter, or others if so inclined, may be pursued on the second night of the gathering.

Come celebrate the cycle of Birth, Bonding, and Death.
~Queen Mab
Penned by Leanansidhe
December 1, 1921


The letter strikes a chord in deep places where fear resides. The Winter Court celebrating the marriage of the Summer Lady's Changeling twin sister... and to mortal blood no less. What mess are the Fae making now?

Everyone is still reeling from the ravages of the Great War. Mortal and supernatural alike are just starting to let loose in what is quickly being dubbed The Roaring 20's. If the Fae are true to form, the surface revelry will conceal a myriad of dangers and a sea of violence. A wise person would think twice, especially with attendees from vampires to mortal mob bosses... but it would be rude to decline such a polite invitation.

Runs 🗺️

13. - 16. February 2025🗺️Denver, Colorado, United States
13. - 16. March 2025🗺️Denver, Colorado, United States


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