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Immersion LARP Festival (2024)

Location: Tehdas Teatteri, Finland 🗺️
Date: August 2, 2024

Part of: Other

About the convention:

In August 2024, Turku will host a brand new larp festival Immersion. We invite you all, both newcomers and experienced larpers, to come play with us next year!
Immersion is an international chamber larp festival, held at Tehdas Teatteri in Turku, Finland. It features short larps (under 4-5 hours) and good company in a weekend festival atmosphere. The larps do not require any preparation beforehand, and no previous larp experience is needed for attending the festival. The language of the event will be English.
The call for larps will open soon. Stay tuned for more information!
Immersion is financially supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR).

We haven't had access to a program for this convention. The list is simply based on external references, memory, rumours and so on and the list might not be completed.
If you have a correction or are in access of a program then please send us an update.


Organizer Essi Santala
Organizer Kaisa Kangas
Organizer Tonja Goldblatt


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