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Concord Olympus

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 60 players


✏️Joie Martin


Concord Olympus is a neon-drenched, neo-noir, where gods, heroes and monsters walk the modern streets, hidden from mortal eyes. Empowered by the memories of myths and deeds, they have subtly shaped humanity for eons, but now their time is drawing to a close. Zeus, greatest among them, has fallen, a feat many did not believe possible, and the remaining members of their community have drawn together out of necessity. They must crown a new leader before the Diasia—the ancient festival honoring the gods—has ended, or all will suffer a collapse of power.

Gods exist in the modern world, unknown to the masses who once worshipped them. Once empowered by mortal beliefs, they now squabble for scraps of power, and struggle to keep their stories alive. Though a handful of worshippers still remain, it is the retelling of myths and legends that truly sustains god and hero alike. With their power diminished, they no longer command unwavering respect, but cleave to the memory of who and what they once were.
Now, the impossible has happened. Zeus, king of the gods is dead—some say murdered—and those who remain must choose a new leader, or face a total collapse of power. They have gathered in New York for the Diasia, an ancient festival of worship, honoring the gods, and must determine who will lead them before the festival ends. In this vacuum of power, old grudges have reignited and old debts are called in, as each faction struggles to place their candidate upon the empty throne.

Players will portray gods, heroes and monsters, vying for scraps of power and settling old scores, for two days in the borough of Brooklyn in New York City. The game begins on Friday afternoon, as factions amass and alliances are made, before culminating in an explosive finale on Saturday night, where the new king of the gods is crowned. Directed workshops on safety, mechanics and character relationships will take place on Friday morning, before the game begins

Runs 🗺️

5. - 6. January 2024🗺️Ace Hotel, Gemini & Scorpio Loft and in-crowd, New York, United States
2. - 5. January 2025United States


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