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Stockholm Scenario Festival (2016)

Location: Långholmens Folkhögskola, Stockholm, Sweden 🗺️
Date: 11. - 13. November 2016

Part of: Stockholm Scenario Festival

About the convention:

Stockholm Scenario Festival celebrates short free form role-playing games, short larps and other kinds of shorter participatory storytelling. We gather for a weekend to play and improvise different stories together.

Our mission statement is to develop a Swedish freeform scene with high quality games and cutting edge storytelling. Our two main strategies to accomplish this are to establish a gamewright community in Sweden and constantly monitoring the best of the best of the international scenes, primarily the Scandinavian. The festival is therefore a mix of handpicked scenarios from the international scene and newly written material.

We are always on the hunt for scenarios that contains one or more of the following:
•A clear premise and a tight narrative
•An emotional experience for the players
•An element that pushes the boundaries of role-playing as a participatory storytelling medium.


💾 A Place to Fuck Each Other Avery Mcdaldno
An Sheep
💾 A Spotless Mind Elin Gissén
Simon Larsson
💾 Do Us Part Annica Strand
Elli Åhlvik
💾 Granny's Great Grandma's Tiara Daniel Armyr
Susanne Vejdemo
💾 Growing up Anna Westerling LARP
💾 Happy Ends Tobias Wrigstad Jeepform
💾 I Don't Like Mondays Ann Kristine Eriksen
It’s Just a Stage Mo Holkar
Karolina Soltys
💾 Living Embers Patrik Bálint
David Owen
Karolina Soltys
Laura Wood
LARP Nordic-influenced
Love According to ABBA Anna Westerling LARP Nordic
💾 My sister, Malala Elsa Helin LARP
💾 Naked as We Came Helene Willer Piironen
Jakob Ponsgård
Never For Ever Kristoffer Lindh
Martin Rother-Schirren
💾 Old Friends Ole Peder Giæver
Jason Morningstar
💾 Qivittoq | Fell Walker René Toft
💾 Restrictions Frida Karlsson Lindgren
Sofia Stenler
So Mom I Made This Sex Tape Susanne Vejdemo LARP
💾 The Ancestral Farm Daniel Armyr
Susanne Vejdemo
💾 The Circle of Life Emelie Klanac
Sally Ståhl
The Grey Zone Siri Sandquist
Tour of Duty Moyra Turkington
💾 Until We Find Him Anders Troelsen
Rasmus Troelsen
Who is Normal? Jonatan Gedda
Frida Karlsson Lindgren
💾 Wilful Disregard Anna Westerling LARP
💾 Wilt Mads Jøns Frausig
Karete Jacobsen Meland
Blackbox LARP
XY Frederik Berg LARP
💾 Your will be done Caroline Sjövall LARP


Hovedarrangør Anders Hultman
Hovedarrangør Anna Westerling

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