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Your will be done

(AKA: Ske i din vilje)

RPG system: LARP


✏️Caroline Sjövall
OrganizerCaroline Sjövall


PDF Scenario [Swedish] (0.4 MB)


Prussic acid – Short scenes – A true story

When you think about that room, that day, with the father and his beloved children. His wife was gone, and the children dearest to his heart. The dear family together just having shared a meal – the sun shining thought the window. He gives them the deadly poison and drinks himself. As they all pass away to the other side, you see on the wall an embroidery with the words Your will be done.

This is a scenario of what happened and what did not happen played in short scenes.

The eight children and their father in 1900.
The couple who want to marry in 1926.
The Father who awaits his firstborn child in 1940.
The Mother who is saying goodbye in 1955.
The police officer who saves lifes in 1973.

Based on a true story.

The game will be played in Swedish.

Ske i din vilje är ett litet smakfullt scenario för både nya och erfarna spelare, med det värsta och bästa ur 1900-talets historia. De åtta spelarna får tillsammans följa en familj vars öde inte lämnar någon oberörd.

Played at

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2016)
Prolog (2017)


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