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Emily Care Boss


✏️ Under My Skin
✏️ What to do about Tam Lin Intercon J (2010)
✏️ Diamonds and Coal Intercon K (2011)
💾 Organizer Mad about the Boy Camp Cedarcrest, Orange, Connecticut, United States (2012)
✏️ Dream Bear Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
✏️ Play with Intent: Last Chance Noir Intercon N (2014)
✏️ King Wen’s Tower Fastaval (2014)
✏️ Darkness Visible Intercon P (2016)
✏️ #Feminism Fastaval (2016)
✏️ The Dare Intercon Q (2017)
✏️ So Fine a Brush Intercon R (2018)
💾 ✏️ Windows into Night Golden Cobra Challenge (2022)
💾 ✏️ In Between Golden Cobra Challenge (2023)


Fastaval (2009)

Under My Skin: Winner, Publikumsprisen
Under My Skin: Nominated, Bedste Fortælling
An extensive web of personal relations establishes an engaging, multifaceted story about losing and finding love. It is roleplaying with a mature touch, created by adding the players’s personal experiences to the fiction.


Den allerførste gang – En fortælling om JeepForm Fotograf Page 8 35 (September 2009) Hareposten
The Sights and Sounds of Intercon J Skribent Page 24 36 (Januar 2010) Hareposten
Structured freeform defined Text Page 54 Issue #7 (September 2012) Playground Magazine

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