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Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Part of: Golden Cobra Challenge


💾 [Your Game Here] by [Your Name Here] Mike Young
💾 a quiet place in hell Evan Torner American Freeform
Active Shooter Tim Hutchings LARP
Artist: Unrecognized Mads Brynnum
As We Know It Alex Carlson LARP
Café Incognito Mo Holkar LARP
Charge of the Light-Bearer Dylan Nix LARP
Chimerical Defense Force Eva Schiffer LARP
Conse|cution Jonas Richter LARP
Contact Jay Treat LARP
Conventioneering Thomas Gallecier LARP
Deal Matthijs Holter LARP
Do It for the Music David Berg
Don's Secret Guilherme DR LARP
Dream Bear Emily Care Boss
Drink Me MacKenzie Graham
Betsy Isaacson
💾 Fragments Piotr Zbigniew
Futures/Past Will Emigh LARP
Gabardine Jonathan G. Cook LARP
Glitch Iteration Jackson Tegu
Group Date Sara Williamson
Hard Days Johnny Garcia LARP
Here Comes a Candle Laura Wood LARP
HERE LIES___________ Tracy Barnett LARP
Hibernation Agents Orion Canning
If I Were President James Stuart LARP
Imagine Rickard Elimää
Interstellar Diplomacy Nick Wedig LARP
Jerky Jousters Scott Slomiany
Keymaster J Li LARP
Lifechanging The Kipferl Collective LARP
Magicians of the Cool Ben Peter Gellar
One Night Out Michael Meinberg LARP
Patchwork Christian Griffen LARP
Restart Steve Segedy LARP
Restless Jonathan Walton
Rose Tattoo Kamil Bartczak
Laura Jankowska
RPCV Jason Morningstar LARP
Sign Mo Holkar
Kathryn Hymes
Hakan Seyaliogliu
Haplocke Sixpence
LARP UK Freeform
Snow Agata Świstak LARP
Still Life Wendy Gorman
David Hertz
Heather Silsbee
The Adventurers Jesper Stein Sandal LARP
The Aftermath William Nichols LARP
The Bear James Ryan LARP
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Willow Palacek LARP
The Lofty Beacons Jonathan Walton LARP
There's a Fan Fic for That... Kat Jones LARP
Top Secret Admirer Daniel Eison
Sam Zeitlin
Trapped! Juan Manuel Avila
Troupe Jason Cox LARP
Unheroes Joanna Piancastelli
Graham Walmsley
Voices Melina Cunelius LARP


Most Convention Ready

Group Date [+]

Most Appealing to Newcomers

Unheroes [+]

Cleverest Design

Glitch Iteration [+]

The Game We're Most Eager to Play

Still Life [+]

Honorable Mentions

Restart [+]
Keymaster [+]
Active Shooter [+]
Snow [+]


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