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✏️J Li


(Live-action Role Play, Pervasive (intermixed with activity by non-participants) , Stylized Play) http://www.goldencobra.org/pdf/keymaster.pdf

a short ritual of dramatic identity Tags: Serious, Fantasy, Non-narrative, Myth, Ritual, Environment-Inspired


Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Nominated, Honorable Mentions
As many ways as we know to craft character and story, there are still more awaiting our discovery. With keymaster, J Li helps us explore one of these. Calling it a 'short ritual of dramatic identity,' Li lets us become our own Greek chorus and divine together the nature of a shared world. Doing this through a simple, iterative game structure, suited for deeply invested play--perhaps to introduce a group to the world they'll explore in a larp--or as a light, spontaneous activity for a group of friends. Keymaster tunes the group's imaginations into populating the real world with mythic meaning, be it a bustling city square or a leaf-lined, wooded path. I chose keymaster because it took the challenge to play in public and found new applications for tools of live freeform--ones that connect modern role play with traditions of poetry and drama that are as old as human inventiveness.


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