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Awards and prizes

Winners and nominees for Golden Cobra Challenge. Winners are marked with underline.

Golden Cobra Challenge

Golden Cobra Challenge (2021)

The Max Gladstone Special Judge's Choice Award

Crypt Kickers [+]

Game We're Most Excited About

Personal Testimony from the Last Kings of Heaven [+]

Best Representation of Minority Religious Experience

First Sabbat [+]

Best Committee Larp

Sobre a arte de bem governar terras e povos [+]

Best Incorporation of Local Traditions

Kurayami Box [+]

Best Decision-Making Technique Alternative to Majority Vote

The Hench Union LARP [+]

Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions

Disciplinary [+]
Curimba [+]
The Regency Committee on Decorum and Punchbowl Poop Prevention [+]
TANKERS - an isolation game [+]

Max Gladstone's Choice Honorable Mention

Melt Me × メロメロ [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Best Game that Transcends Distance / Brings Us Closer

Voyagers: a larp duet [+]

Best Mechanic / Rules

Awake at the Witching Hour [+]

Best Roles

The Glimpse [+]
Duels in the Tower of Eternity: An Epistolary Game of Sacrifice and Revolution [+]

Best first weird larp for people who have only played D&D so far

To Boldly Hakuho [+]

Best use of Physical Mail

The Cœuriers [+]

Best New Tool

Dawn of the Monster Invasion [+]

The Kieron Gillen Special Judge's Choice Award

Drawing Out the Demon [+]

Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions

The Batcave [+]
The Bathhouse [+]
The Decline of Panopticritia [+]
Dream Phone of Cthulhu [+]
The Fortunate Ones [+]
A Song For Our Remakers [+]

Kieron Gillen's Choice Honorable Mention

Taller Than Space Is Wide [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

The John Darnielle Special Judge’s Choice Award

Are You There God? It's the Quarterly Earnings Report [+]

Best Use of Silence or Non-Verbal Elements in a Game

They Say You Should Talk To Your Plants [+]

Best Live-Action Online Game (LAOG)

Outscored - a LAOG about social credit scores and beautiful light effects [+]

Deepest Two-Hour Experience

The Stars Recall Our Passage [+]

Best Game for Players Dropping In and Out

The Court of Ferns [+]

Best Apocalyptic Game

This Is Fine [+]

Best Game for New Larpers

Small Monsters [+]

Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions

Burial by Ash [+]
Garden of Pathos [+]
Julia's Lost Treasures [+]
The Real Ghost Hunters of Sandusky Township [+]

J.D.'s Choice Honorable Mentions

The Elect [+]
Forgetting Your Touch: A Game of Reclaiming Intimate Boundaries [+]
Medusa's Bad Day [+]
Seapunk 2222 [+]
They Say You Should Talk To Your Plants [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)

Best Game About Something No One Writes Games About

Polka Pillow Production [+]

Best Game Incorporating an Act of Creation

Life Lessons [+]

Best Game Scalable from 2-20 Players

Fork Creek Almanac [+]

Best Game That Teaches A Skill

Heroic Measures [+]

Best Multi-Generational Game

Torch [+]

Judge's Choice

The We-ness [+]

Honorable Mentions

Dim Sum? More Like Git Sum! [+]
The Widows' Market [+]
The Clinic [+]
Who do you think you are? [+]
It Was a Beautiful Mistake [+]
The Life, Death, and Apotheosis of Bastard Jim [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)

Best game that gives us hope

One Year [+]

Best game that non-gamers can understand, play, and enjoy

The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath [+]

Best game that incorporates meaningful, non-romantic relationships

The Long Drive Back from Busan [+]

Best succinct game

Under a Broken Flag [+]

Judge's Choice

Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller [+]

Honorable Mentions

Alchemy (and Feelings) [+]
Canned [+]
Homunculus [+]
May December May [+]
The Residents [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)

Best Use of Somatic Elements

Living Spaces / Dead Spaces [+]

Best Use of Magical Realism

Wigilia [+]

Funniest Game

Big Dicks [+]

Most Convention Ready

The Porch [+]

Cutest Game

Star Level 10 [+]

Most Kid Friendly

Let's Be Dinosaurs! [+]

Best Pervasive Game

They're Onto Me [+]

Honorable Mentions

Glass Ceiling [+]
In Memoriam [+]
It's All Good [+]
Too Many Mediums [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Best Incorporation of Perspectives of Unheard or Marginalized People or Groups

Too Much Slap on the Ecaf [+]

Game We're Most Excited About

This Folks at the Dinner Table [+]

Best Incorporation of Touch

A Crow Funeral [+]

Best Use of Themes/Techniques for Evoking Empathy

Just Lunch [+]

Most Polished and Ready-to-Play Game

Her Inner Dead Ends [+]

Honorable Mentions

As We Know It [+]
Exclusive Listing [+]
The Other Place [+]
Sign [+]
Singing Clay [+]
Universal Donor [+]
Written by the Victors [+]

Cobra Crew Pick

The Lofty Beacons [+]

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Most Convention Ready

Group Date [+]

Most Appealing to Newcomers

Unheroes [+]

Cleverest Design

Glitch Iteration [+]

The Game We're Most Eager to Play

Still Life [+]

Honorable Mentions

Restart [+]
Keymaster [+]
Active Shooter [+]
Snow [+]

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