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Seapunk 2222

RPG system: LARP


✏️Sam Hotchkiss



Styles of Play: Freeform larp;Chat/Message;Streaming/Online Face to Face

Seapunk 2222 is a real-time collaborative online text adventure (RiCOTA?) set in the climate dystopia of the not-so-distant future. Play as a group of salvage divers in the flooded remains of Manhattan trying to get their big score: a public statue worth 0.01 Bitcoin! The game uses limits on communication to convey the disorienting nature of scuba diving.

Tags: climate, scuba, silence, vaporwave

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Nominated, J.D.'s Choice Honorable Mentions
What a terrific plot -- engaging in that great gaming way that makes you say "let's do this" as soon as you finish reading the set-up. I love the time-limited nature of the dive -- there's not enough time-limiting in games; for me, timers = fun, and I think this game would progress briskly in a really rewarding way. The mechanics are great - but my feeling is that the "what we did with the money" step would be where a lot of the real fun would begin -- the character-building, the skin that the players have in the game. I'd like to play this game with a little more flesh on the characters' bones before they jump into the water.


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