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Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Part of: Golden Cobra Challenge


💾 "Something to Drink With that, Sir?" Evan Torner LARP
A Crow Funeral Tim Hutchings LARP
A Way Out Loris Casagrandi LARP
Anything Helps Matt Bohnhoff LARP
Before You Leave Khelren Jakoubovitch
Steve Jakoubovitch
Better Laurel Halbany LARP
Beyond the Wall Kirsten Hageleit LARP
Blessed be the Host of the King of Heaven Tayler Stokes LARP
Celestial Bodies Nicolas Hornyak LARP
Dessert John Yanush LARP
Dystopia Vivian Abraham LARP
Exclusive Listing Jesse Coombs
Faerie Circle Emily Asmann LARP
Fight Truck Rose Danger Lalonde LARP
For a Long Time I Would Go to Bed Early Michael Such LARP
Gone but Not Forgotten Josh Fox LARP
Guiding Light Shawn Stokes LARP
Halloween Survival Guide Jay Treat LARP
Her Inner Dead Ends Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Francesco Zani
Here. Me. Now. Venn Wylde LARP
ICU Johnny Garcia LARP
In the Dark Clinton Dreisbach LARP
It Was a Very Good Year Scott Slomiany LARP
Just a Little Peril Nathan Hook LARP
Just Lunch Heather Silsbee LARP
Lost Genius Ben Peter Gellar LARP
Making Up is Hard to Do Jessica Giardino LARP
Miséria Alan Silva
Papier Mâché James Mullen LARP
Post Modern Kamikaze David Calvo
William Robinson
Red Headed Stepchild Dax Tran-Caffee LARP
Serv1vs.l Devon Apple
Singing Clay Guilherme DR LARP
Table Mikolaj Wicher LARP
The Affliction Jeffrey Dieterle LARP
The Loss Patryk Stryjewsk LARP
The Other Place Banana Chan LARP
The Tongues of Our Ancestors Mo Holkar LARP
The Woods Danielle Goudeau LARP
This Folks at the Dinner Table Eduardo Caetano LARP
Together Eva Schiffer LARP
Too Much Slap on the Ecaf Countess Dillymore LARP
Ugly Girl Jay Sylvano
Universal Donor Kira Magrann
Eric Mersmann
Waiting for Slenderman Jacqueline Bryk
KN Granger
Warmth Wendy Gorman LARP
Written by the Victors Epistolary Richard LARP
You Do (Not) Belong Here Michael Meinberg LARP
Zeitgeist Nathan Harrison LARP


Best Incorporation of Perspectives of Unheard or Marginalized People or Groups

Too Much Slap on the Ecaf [+]

Game We're Most Excited About

This Folks at the Dinner Table [+]

Best Incorporation of Touch

A Crow Funeral [+]

Best Use of Themes/Techniques for Evoking Empathy

Just Lunch [+]

Most Polished and Ready-to-Play Game

Her Inner Dead Ends [+]

Honorable Mentions

As We Know It [+]
Exclusive Listing [+]
The Other Place [+]
Sign [+]
Singing Clay [+]
Universal Donor [+]
Written by the Victors [+]

Cobra Crew Pick

The Lofty Beacons [+]


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