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As We Know It

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 4 players

Organized by

Truth Sans Justice


✏️Alex Carlson

Summer Larpin' Was it Larp at first sight? (2021), Online, United States

OrganizerJacqueline Bryk


(Freeform larp)


As a human survivor of the alien invasion, what is your fate? What is the fate of your fellow survivors?

Tags: Apocalyptic, Texting, Isolation

The world has ended, but you’ve survived. (Probably wish you hadn’t.)

You’re in hiding, but every second brings the alien invaders closer to your door. Your phone buzzes. You have a text. Another survivor? Or a trap?

As We Know It is a freeform larp designed for four players. All players must bring their own phone or device capable of texting, as players will be in isolation and only able to communicate through text. You play characters caught in hiding after an extraterrestrial invasion has wiped out all they know of humanity, but they are soon alerted that there may be other survivors. But who can you trust when it’s only words on a screen?

Possible content includes death, isolation, suicide, genocide, forced sterilization, systemic violence, and paranoia. Players will be required to be in isolation, though all will have access to a variety of spaces based on accessibility needs.

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
Intercon S: Smoke and Mirrors (2019)
Summer Larpin' Was it Larp at first sight? (2021)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Nominated, Honorable Mentions
Aliens have destroyed the world, and the last few human holdouts are hiding in solitary corners. In As We Know It, Alex Carlson creates a compelling game out of a classic theme by using physical isolation, limited communication, and mobile phones to establish a visceral experience. Players are literally sitting in separate closets texting one another; no other contact is possible. The pressure is on as each grows confused and desperate to come out, while knowing that certain death awaits if they do. We were all excited to try this game, but its requirement of 5 active participants instead of 4 disqualified it from a full-blown award.


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