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The Lofty Beacons

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8-16 players


✏️Jonathan Walton


(Freeform larp)


One or more crews of 2-4 players serve on unlit mountaintop warning beacons for several years, dealing with a variety of situations in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Tags: Post-apocalyptic, Mountain, Service, Multiple groups

Website: jwalton.media

In a post-apocalyptic future, everyone has been killed by zombies or the death-cults of the waste. A few communities of survivors have holed-up in the mountains. Your crew has been sent to maintain one of the Lofty Beacons: a chain of remote mountaintop signal fires, kept unlit. You will serve for several years, lighting your beacon if enemies march on the mountains or if a neighboring beacon is lit.

Some fans have already begun jokingly calling the game “Waiting for Gondor,” though unlike a Beckett play, there’s some actual things that happen during the game, including a series of challenges facing the crew of sentinels.

This version of the game won the “Crew Pick” Honorable Mention award in the 2015 Golden Cobra design competition.

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
QueerCon (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)

Nominated, Cobra Crew Pick [+]


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