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Eva Schiffer


✏️ Unit Test
✏️ A Turn on the Radiance Rose Intercon M (2013)
✏️ Chimerical Defense Force Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
✏️ Interplanetary Federation - The Cadet Years Intercon N (2014)
✏️ Storm Cellar Intercon N (2014)
✏️ Together Golden Cobra Challenge (2015)
✏️ Better Living Through Robotics Intercon O (2015)
✏️ Secret Dinosaurs Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
✏️ Fire in Cambria Intercon Q (2017)
✏️ Grandma's Resting Place Intercon Q (2017)
✏️ Peace, Land, and Bread! Intercon R (2018)
Organizer Grandma's Resting Place Intercon S (2019)
✏️ Better Living Through Robotics Mythic Consequences (2019)
✏️ An Ensemble Cast Mystery: Death at Bancroft Manor Intercon T (2020)
✏️ More Than Friendship Otherworldly Consequences (2021)
Organizer Mirror Mirror Otherworldly Consequences (2021)
Organizer More Than Friendship Otherworldly Consequences (2021)
✏️ The Lady in the Tower Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U (2023)


Peaky Midwest Writer Page 36 Volume 2 Game Wrap
A Software Approach to Flexibly and Concretely Gendered Characters Writer Page 29 Volume 3 Game Wrap
Unit Test Author Page 47 Volume 3 Game Wrap

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