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Golden Cobra Challenge (2020)

Part of: Golden Cobra Challenge


A Single Step Laura Wood LARP
A Song For Our Remakers Raph D'Amico
ACIS: Adventurer Caregivers In Support (of Adventurer Caregivers) Kate Hill LARP
All We Have Is Us Casey Lucas LARP
Arbor Day Aaron Damon-Rush LARP
Awake at the Witching Hour Eric Fritz LARP
Call Your Mother Ryan A. T. Hart LARP
Date Dreams Alex Sisk LARP
Dawn of the Monster Invasion Randy Lubin LARP
Dear Stranded: A Science Fiction Letter-Writing LARP Elisa Ford
Do I Even Exist Anymore? Hannah J. Gray LARP
Drawing Out the Demon Liz Stong LARP
Dream Phone of Cthulhu Dustin Freeman
Caitlin Russell
Duels in the Tower of Eternity: An Epistolary Game of Sacrifice and Revolution Abigail Stone
Mark Stone
Encrypt Alexandra Danilenko
Anna Gorovaya
Lev Tolmachev
Exodiplomacy Marshall Bradshaw
Susanne Vejdemo
Face Front, True Believers! Cloven Pine Games
Alexi Sargeant
Hello, Goodbye: A Larp Duet Ben Bisogno
Naomi Torres-Ortiz
How are you? Alessandro Giovannucci
Margherita Masetti
Imaginary Problems Ceridwen Anne
David Neubauer
Gilbert S
Imagine a time when the war is over Countess Dillymore LARP
Jewel Warriors Acata Felton LARP
Let's You and Him Flyte Abe Pressman LARP
Letters From Home Barak Blackburn
Ellie Hillis
Metasubversive Golden Cobra Secret Larp LARP
Mis/Con/Nect Jason Cox LARP
Nimble Things Hazel Anneke Dixon LARP
Now Presenting... Peter S. Svensson LARP
Pictures in an Exhibition Halden Ingwersen
Miles Lizak
Potatoes & Politics Olivia Fischer LARP
Punk Rock Ghosts Are Sexy Because They Love Kittens David Rothfeder
Queer and Together at the End of the World LARP
Scattered: A Multiversal Adventure Chance J. Feldstein
Matthew Valentine
Speed dating without the dating Rowan B LARP
Talk to Me Axelle Cazeneuve LARP
Taller Than Space Is Wide Alexa Kirchner LARP
💾 The Batcave Gerrit Reininghaus LARP
The Bathhouse Rei England LARP
The Cœuriers Robbie Boerth
The Confluence Olivia Montoya LARP
The Decline of Panopticritia LARP
The Fake Out Dakota Sky Bloom LARP
The Fortunate Ones Ron T. Blechner LARP
The Future of Sports Josh Krehbiel LARP
The Glimpse Karolina Soltys LARP
The Long Rest Dan O'Hanlon LARP
The No-Fly List Jacqueline Bryk LARP
The Perfect Dungeon Ken Davidson LARP
The Space Between Us Wibora Wildfeuer LARP
The Viridians Piotr Milewski LARP
Time to Leave Ian Howard LARP
To Boldly Hakuho Wendy Gorman LARP
Voyagers: a larp duet Margo Gray LARP
Well, This Is Awkward... Chloe Mashiter LARP
Where the Journey Takes Us Aaron Silverman LARP
Whisk Me Away Avital Lubin LARP


Best Game that Transcends Distance / Brings Us Closer

Voyagers: a larp duet [+]

Best Mechanic / Rules

Awake at the Witching Hour [+]

Best Roles

The Glimpse [+]
Duels in the Tower of Eternity: An Epistolary Game of Sacrifice and Revolution [+]

Best first weird larp for people who have only played D&D so far

To Boldly Hakuho [+]

Best use of Physical Mail

The Cœuriers [+]

Best New Tool

Dawn of the Monster Invasion [+]

The Kieron Gillen Special Judge's Choice Award

Drawing Out the Demon [+]

Judges' Choice Honorable Mentions

The Batcave [+]
The Bathhouse [+]
The Decline of Panopticritia [+]
Dream Phone of Cthulhu [+]
The Fortunate Ones [+]
A Song For Our Remakers [+]

Kieron Gillen's Choice Honorable Mention

Taller Than Space Is Wide [+]


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