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Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)

Part of: Golden Cobra Challenge


A Beginner's Guide to Government Action Alex McConnaughey LARP
A Pirate's life Jay Treat LARP
Alchemy (and Feelings) Eleanor Tursman LARP
Among the Mortals Randy Lubin LARP
At Arm's-Length Tayler Stokes LARP
Back of Beyond Jonathan Walton LARP
Beastfucker Wendy Gorman
Alexa Kirchner
Burning4 Lorenzo Trenti LARP
Campfire Magic Elizabeth Stong LARP
Canned Alex Rowland LARP
Cryptid Couples Counselling Luke Hawksbee LARP
Dirty Laundry Jason Feldstein LARP
Down the Line Laura Wood LARP
Galatea's Mirror Joie Martin
Go Forth Foul Creature Shawn Stokes
Gran Corazon Unmasked In The Main Event! Jeff Stormer LARP
Group Therapy Natalie Zina Walschots LARP
Homunculus Anna Kreider LARP
hoʊˈmʌŋkjʊləs (homunculus) Clark B. Timmins LARP
In the Death Throes of Passion Jeremy Alva
In The End, There Was Kindness Josh Zugai
💾 Life Lessons Mo Holkar LARP London style
Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller Jeff Dieterle LARP
Manic Pixie Dream Girl X Career Woman
May December May Paul Beakley LARP
No Fascist USA Chris Dragga
Kate Hill
One Year Jenn Martin
Todd Nicholas
Our Friday Night Carrie Deal LARP
Party of One Martin Tegelj LARP
Rev It Up Tim Hutchings LARP
Sitting Shiva Susan Weiner LARP
Such Joyous News Stephen Dewey
The Dishwashing Game Venn Wylde
The Harvest Festival Marshall Bradshaw LARP
The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath Kitty Stoholski LARP
The League of Senseless Superheroes Clint Ladd LARP
The Long Drive Back from Busan Clio Yun-su Davis LARP
The Residents Suzanne Schenewerk
The way of the couch Guilherme DR LARP
This Week
💾 To Abu Sami: Wages of Devastation Evan Torner LARP
Troll Jack Graham LARP
Under a Broken Flag Jefferson Lee LARP
White Sheet Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Beatrice Sgaravatto


Best game that gives us hope

One Year [+]

Best game that non-gamers can understand, play, and enjoy

The Hydra Artist's Masterpiece: Mourning Acid Breath [+]

Best game that incorporates meaningful, non-romantic relationships

The Long Drive Back from Busan [+]

Best succinct game

Under a Broken Flag [+]

Judge's Choice

Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller [+]

Honorable Mentions

Alchemy (and Feelings) [+]
Canned [+]
Homunculus [+]
May December May [+]
The Residents [+]


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