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Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 4-10 players


✏️Jeff Dieterle



Styles of Play: Freeform larp, Larp, Chat/Online

Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller is a short freeform game for 4-10 players about a talk radio show at the end of the world. Players collaboratively create a cataclysm during the course of play, and the conventions of radio are gradually abandoned in favor of moments of genuine human connection. Inspired by spontaneous moments of transcendent radio, the game can be played with minimal prep, and includes rules for both VOIP and in-person play.

Tags: Radio, apocalypse, online

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2017)

Winner, Judge's Choice
A game so exciting and unique we gave it its own category, previous Golden Cobra winner Jeff Dietrele’s Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller combines strange, asymmetrical gameplay with a witches brew of apocalyptic tropes and genuine human connection. We were universally enthusiastic about the game’s core affordances - distributed play, perhaps via Skype, and intimate, disembodied conversations as the world literally ends. No game made us want to stop deliberating and immediately play it more than Long Time Listener, Last Time Caller.


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