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Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)

Part of: Golden Cobra Challenge


4 - 3 Oscar Biffi
Alessandro Giovannucci
A Girl Like You Dilly Moore LARP
Alien Diplomacy Krin Irvine
Venn Wylde
Amuse Bouche Betty Bong LARP
At Infinity Anne Ratchat LARP
At the End of the River Kamil Bartczak LARP
Benefits & Bureaucrats Michael Such LARP
Cram Elizabeth Stong LARP
Dim Sum? More Like Git Sum! Ross Cheung LARP
Dinner for Amateur Mind Readers Chad Wolf LARP
Dream a Little Dream Joe Beason
Dungeons & Drudges Robbie Boerth LARP
Egg-Eating Rabbits Tim Hutchings LARP
Elf Day Jason Morningstar
Fork Creek Almanac Alex Dodge
Matt Jent
Friends and Memories José P. Zagal LARP
Gimme Shelter Jeff Dieterle
Rebecca Wigandt
Got Your Number...? Chance J. Kallisti LARP
Grief, Illinois Ron T. Blechner LARP
Groundhog's Dream Andrew Sirkin LARP
Hello, I Must Be Going Adrian Stein
Heroic Measures Daniel Eison
Sam Zeitlin
How We Played LARP
It Was a Beautiful Mistake David Rothfeder LARP
Jump Abigail Robin LARP
L'Dor Vador Shayna Cook LARP
Leave or Stay Francesco Rugerfred Sedda
Beatrice Sgaravatto
Francesco Zani
Libermon: The friendly monster dating simulator Orion Canning LARP
Little Town Alex Roberts
Shawn Roske
Love in the Age of Sore-cery Warren Morrison
Ben Walker
Lowell (A Game of Resistance) Michael Malecki LARP
Mech Force Nostalgia James Mendez Hodes
Monster Tavern Eli Eaton
My Human of Walking Peter S. Svensson LARP
NecBroMancer Alex Rowland LARP
Oh Thank Goodness You're Finally Here Ben Morrow LARP
One Small Step Adam Flynn LARP
Open Mic Sam Liberty
Brandon Sichling
Partners in Crime Jay Treat LARP
Pillowcases Brie Beau Sheldon LARP
Play to Kill Clark B. Timmins
Polka Pillow Production Martin Tegelj LARP
Send N00ds Jacqueline Bryk LARP
Soldier, Spy, Psilocybin Alexa Kirchner LARP
Spin the Bottle: Wedding Edition! Susanne Vejdemo LARP
Stellar Drift Randy Lubin LARP
Suicidal Ideation Jonny Garcia LARP
💾 Super Shredder's Neighborhood Evan Torner LARP
Tacklebox Jonathan Walton LARP
The Brett Kavanaugh's Calendar Game Aukey Wikoff LARP
The Circle of Heaven Mark Stone LARP
The Clinic Caroline Hobbs LARP
The Face in the Mirror Is Not Your Own Garett Kopczynski
The Forest of Tamtonas Adam McConnaughey
Alex McConnaughey
The Life, Death, and Apotheosis of Bastard Jim Aleks Samoylov LARP
The Promise of Sleep Jason Cox LARP
The Rat King Cometh Atlas Sellman LARP
The Rite of Spring Tayler Stokes LARP
The Scarred Land Chris Dragga
Kate Hill
The Three Faces of Eve Maury Elizabeth Brown LARP
The We-ness Joe Edelman
Albert Kong
Anne Selke
Nathan Vanderpool
The Widows' Market Laurel Halbany LARP
This Is How It Is Done Sharang Biswas LARP
Through a Great Void Michael Meinberg LARP
Torch Andy Morales C.
Toxic Santa Pawel Jasinski LARP
Truth or Beauty? A game of futuristic psychological horror and makeover tips Lucian Kahn LARP
Trying Avital Lubin
💾 Two hours to Midnight Tore Vange Pedersen LARP
What Happened in Warsaw? Jan Rosa
Where Do We Go From Here? Ashleigh Patterson
Who do you think you are? Kat Jones LARP


Best Game About Something No One Writes Games About

Polka Pillow Production [+]

Best Game Incorporating an Act of Creation

Life Lessons [+]

Best Game Scalable from 2-20 Players

Fork Creek Almanac [+]

Best Game That Teaches A Skill

Heroic Measures [+]

Best Multi-Generational Game

Torch [+]

Judge's Choice

The We-ness [+]

Honorable Mentions

Dim Sum? More Like Git Sum! [+]
The Widows' Market [+]
The Clinic [+]
Who do you think you are? [+]
It Was a Beautiful Mistake [+]
The Life, Death, and Apotheosis of Bastard Jim [+]


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