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Dim Sum? More Like Git Sum!

RPG system: LARP


✏️Ross Cheung


Styles of Play: Larp, Pervasive Game/Public Play

Dim Sum originally began as a Cantonese weekend brunch where people eat a number of small dishes, and has since morphed into a cultural phenomenon where friends and families gather together. In this larp you play a group of family and friends who get together and navigate the complex social rules of Dim Sum and engage in games of status and face-saving, all over steaming hot tea and dumplings.

Tags: Dim Sum, Food, Pervasive, Passive-Aggressive Insults

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2018)

Nominated, Honorable Mentions
Dim Sum? More Like Git Sum! is a wonderful game about family dynamics, played around a dim sum table. Its passive-aggressive insult workshop is cleverly designed to immerse the players into the shoes of a Cantonese family. While we did find that there is a little bit of preparation involved, it didn't stop us from adding it to one of our honorable mentions, for its thoughtful notes on cultural representation and interesting play.


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