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The Stars Recall Our Passage

RPG system: LARP


✏️Sharang Biswas



Styles of Play: Freeform larp;Larp;Live Action Storytelling Game

Players are both "ihas", scholars who study the history of their people. One is the "tarihas", studying how patterns and movements of the stars can illuminate major historical events. The other is the "prithvihas", studying material remains of their ancestors to construct history.

Players will lie down in darkness and use their flashlight to reveal constellations affixed to the walls. They will interpret the patterns of the stars through scholarly literature that they possess and (re)construct the history of their people.

Tags: Stargazing, Astrology, Archaeology, Intimacy

Played at

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Winner, Deepest Two-Hour Experience
The Stars Recall Our Passage gives two players the chance to explore and study history through complementary views of the same mysterious objects - Constellations assembled across a dark room with flashlights. It gives a truly unique take on how to prime players' collaborative and creative output through visual and historical interpretation. We're excited to shine our flashlights around a darkened room to construct our history together.


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