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J Li


✏️ Keymaster Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
✏️ Argentin Intercon N (2014)
✏️ Snow White Mythic Consequences (2019)
💾 ✏️ Fight Truck 2023 Golden Cobra Challenge (2023)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Keymaster: Nominated, Honorable Mentions
As many ways as we know to craft character and story, there are still more awaiting our discovery. With keymaster, J Li helps us explore one of these. Calling it a 'short ritual of dramatic identity,' Li lets us become our own Greek chorus and divine together the nature of a shared world. Doing this through a simple, iterative game structure, suited for deeply invested play--perhaps to introduce a group to the world they'll explore in a larp--or as a light, spontaneous activity for a group of friends. Keymaster tunes the group's imaginations into populating the real world with mythic meaning, be it a bustling city square or a leaf-lined, wooded path. I chose keymaster because it took the challenge to play in public and found new applications for tools of live freeform--ones that connect modern role play with traditions of poetry and drama that are as old as human inventiveness.

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