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RPG system: LARP
Participants: 8 players, Male characters: 1, Female characters: 1, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 6

Organized by

Live Game Labs (running), Shifting Forest (design)


✏️J Li


A few days ago, a young hero and the armies of good defeated the great evil sorcerer, Argentin, and saved the world. They fought his forces, stormed his tower, and ultimately killed him high on the battlements.

Set in the aftermath of a classic fantasy epic, this story is not about the heroes or the kings, but about the evil sorcererÕs servants. Lost in the confusion of the battle, taken prisoner afterwards, then held automatically culpable for their masterÕs crimes, this small group served the daily needs of a man who had tried to conquer the world and lost everything when he was defeated.

Sitting in a dungeon in what may be the last hours of their lives, they must sort through the meanings of loyalty, identity, and responsibility, to learn to understand a world without Argentin.


Created by Shifting Forest Storyworks, this is a darkly-themed parlor larp with adult content. There are elements of violence, murder, torture, and sexual abuse--definitely in the character backgrounds, and POSSIBLY, to a lesser extent, in the game itself (to be discussed and determined by the players beforehand). Furthermore, some characters are attracted to others, and could be cast as a player opposite your preferred gender. GMs will address these issues prior to play so participants are not uncomfortable, at least about that. However...

Argentin is written to be psychologically and emotionally rigorous, and asks for focused role playing about morality, moral dilemmas, complicated interpersonal dynamics, and complex relationships. This larp is reflectively dark. This means you won't be harming innocents during play, but maybe (probably) your characters did in the past. Are they remorseful or unrepentant? That's what this larp will explore. Action and combat will be rare, if it occurs at all. This takes place after, not during, the climactic battle.

If you are the kind of person that stays until the end of the credits, wonders about the Stormtroopers on Endor after the Death Star is destroyed, or are curious to explore and examine the shadow side of epic fantasy, please join us.

Played at

Intercon N (2014)

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