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Agata Świstak

(AKA: Agata "Świstak" Lubańska)


✏️ Snow Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)
✏️ Rise and Fall of The New Galaxies Golden Cobra Challenge (2016)
✏️ #Feminism Fastaval (2016)
✏️ Deep Down in Goblin Town
✏️ The Witchard Københavns Spilfestival (2016)
✏️ The Larp Crush The Smoke (2019)
👍 The Future is Straight Alhage koloni, Ebeltoft, Denmark (2021)
Organizer The Forbidden History Czocha, Poland (2021)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2014)

Snow: Nominated, Honorable Mentions (Retracted)
Sometimes a game can seduce you and make you feel dirty, and somehow it isn't to blame. Snow is such a game. Submitted with gorgeous, eye-popping artwork and a simple one-page explanation, Snow just cannot be ignored, no matter how hard one tries. It's playable in a cold car in winter (which is coming) among people who want a few more disturbing memories to share with their friends. I chose the game because, in the end, freeform does not have to be complicated to be bold and meaningful. Snow is fearless, committed design and can take players to the kind of dark play a group might otherwise not venture, whilst allowing the players to gracefully end the game at any time.

Judges' Note: Though this game was recognized with an Honorable Mention, it was later discovered that the game did not meet eligibility requirements for submission due to a misunderstanding. The committee continues to congratulate Agata on her accomplishment with this game, but has retracted the award.

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