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The Future is Straight


✏️Tor Kjetil Edland
✏️Anna Emilie Groth
✏️Karete Jacobsen Meland
OrganizerEmma Greve (Photographer)
OrganizerJeppe Kjøller (Website and graphic designer)
👍Christopher Mitchell (Model, photo shoot)
👍Dajo Vande Putte (Model, photo shoot)
👍Klara Rotvig (Model, photo shoot)
👍Agata Świstak (Model, photo shoot)


The Future is Straight is a Nordic larp, where we are exploring two days in a gay conversion camp for youth and young adults. We will follow the “rehabbers” as they go through therapy, educational lessons, and maybe tiptoe into a queer community for the first time – struggling to navigate between fully realising themselves, and being accepted as individuals in an oppressive society. The larp is set in a dystopian retro setting in a extreme heteronormative society where queerness is oppressed based on a worldview based in perceptions of science and “nature itself”.

Runs 🗺️

23. - 27. October 2021🗺️Alhage koloni, Ebeltoft, Denmark: First run
27. - 31. October 2021🗺️Alhage koloni, Ebeltoft, Denmark: Second run
2024Close to Oslo, Norway: Summer/early autumn


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