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Play with Intent: Last Chance Noir

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 4-8 players


✏️Emily Care Boss
✏️Matthijs Holter


_It was the last thing she ever thought she'd see. He rolled up on her doorstep, looking for another chance. The money was in the bag. If he could just get through one more night in this low-down, rat's ass town. He just needed to keep one step ahead of them all. It was her town. She'd made a name for herself and no two-bit criminal was going to take it away. This time, he was taking the fall._ It's everyone's last chance, and somebody is going down. Together, we'll create noir characters, and unfold a story of ambition, corruption and desire. **[Play with Intent](http://playwithintent.wordpress.com/)** is a collaborative framework for creating a complex, compelling story on the fly. Using a customizable toolkit of freeform techniques (inspired by [Jeepform](http://jeepen.org), [improv](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Improvisational_theatre) and table top rpg play). We'll use a Noir play set created specifically for Intercon N. Please bring one Noir appropriate prop to be used in play. For example, a package of cigarettes, a gun, a bottle of moonshine, red lipstick, etc. **Notes:** Age 18+. Not a traditional larp. Game will use live freeform rules, playing out individual scenes, theater style. Gender norms will be contemporary, not period, (i.e. badass female, sensitive male and positive trangender characters are all welcome). **Trigger warnings:** explicit violence, sexual themes, drug use and emotional manipulation

Played at

Intercon N (2014)

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