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What to do about Tam Lin

Participants: 2 GMs, 8-14 players


✏️Emily Care Boss
✏️Julia Bond Ellingboe


Inspired by English and Scottish Folk Ballads, such as the ballad of Tam Lin. At Samhain in early Pagan England, Fae and Mortals congregate at the ruins of Carterhaugh for their annual Court. The fate of Tam Lin and his Mortal lover Janet hangs in the balance. The Court tell their stories of lust, incest, murder, and true love to try to influence the decision of the judges, the Queen of Fae and Thomas the Rhymer.

Janet, the daughter of the Earl of Murray discovers Tam Lin, a mortal man raised by the Fae, at the ruins of Carterhaugh. Without either knowing the full story of Tam Lin's lineage or circumstances, they fall in love and Janet is determined to free him from the Fae. Janet and Tam Lin make their appeal to a joint Court of Fae and Mortals on the night of Samhain. Witnesses present their testimonies in order to sway the Queen of Fae to either let the lovers marry, or to keep Tam Lin in the realm of the Fae.

If you are Fae do you have a grudge against Tam Lin or his kin, or Janet and her kin? Do you want him or her for yourself?

If you are a mortal, do you fear the lovers will never be happy, based on your own dealings with Fae lovers? Do you trust the Fae to keep their bargains? Do you wonder if Tam Lin is too Fae to live among you?

Perhaps you are one of those who hopes true love will prevail. Perhaps their story reminds you of your own past.

Played at

Fastaval (2010)

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