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99 bottles a'hanging on the wall... Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (2002)
Att rädda en vacker jungfru MittCon (1992)
Balckwall's fald Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (1996)
De fremmede Allan Joe Broch
Pentacon (1993)
Deadwood - High Noon Allan Joe Broch
Pentacon (1993)
Den evige hvile Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con - Dommedag (2000)
Det sidste ønske Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (1998)
Djævlens Ruin Søren Parbæk
TRoA VIII (1994)
En konges død, en andens brød Calling All Heroes 2nd Edition (1994)
Fyrtårnet Frank Fristed Pedersen
Nordcon (1995)
Garem Surprise TRoA-Con 92, intern (1992)
Hounds th the hunted Calling All Heroes (1994)
Hugos Bande Kaspar Lundsby
Søren Riis Pedersen
Calling All Heroes 4th Edition (1995)
I skovens dybe stille ro Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (1997)
Kong Valdemars Krone Søren Gravgaard
Viking-Con 11 (1992)
Kongen Leve! Fastaval (1990)
Når hanen galer Claus Peter Clemmensen
Viking-Con 13 (1994)
Oprør i Kelteser Kaspar Lundsby
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
Pirater i byen The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)
Requiem Mortals Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (1999)
RoleMaster (ARCON 14) Heikki Sørum
ARCON 14: Illuminati (1998)
Rolemaster (ARCON 15) Niklas Saers
ARCON 15: Call of Cthulhu (1999)
Rolemaster (CAH3) Søren Riis Pedersen
Calling All Heroes 3rd Edition (1995)
Rolemaster (CAH4) Frank Fristed Pedersen
Calling All Heroes 4th Edition (1995)
Rolemaster (Chop Con '95) Claus Peter Clemmensen
Chop Con (1995)
Rolemaster (DalCon 1992) DalCon I - Desperate huc intrantes (1992)
Rolemaster (Fasta Fantasy) Fasta Emne-Weekend - Fantasy Rollespil (1988)
Rolemaster (Fastaval 87) Fastaval (1987)
Rolemaster (FrunCon 1993) FrunCon 93 (1993)
Rolemaster (Sabbath I) Sabbath I (1990)
Rolemaster (TRoA 90) TRoA-Con 90, intern (1990)
Rolemaster (TRoR II) The Realms of Roleplay II (1991)
Rolemaster (VC10) Søren Gravgaard
Viking-Con 10 (1991)
Rolemaster (VC7) Palle Rasch
Viking-Con 7 (1988)
Rolemaster (VC9) Viking-Con 9 (1990)
Rolemaster/HERO System (UppCon 1990) UppCon '90 (1990)
Rolemaster/MERP (LinCon 1989) LinCon (1989)
Skindet bedrager TRoR IV (1992)
Soldiers of Misfortune The Realms of Roleplay (1990)
Stranger in a strange land Claus Peter Clemmensen
Viking-Con 12 (1993)
The Cursed City - First part of The Elemental War Saga Pontus Bylund
SnöKon (1995)
The Hunt for the Rose Gang Anders Hertz
Calling All Heroes 9th Edition (1999)
The Shifting Wind Peter Futtrup
Con Dôme (1995)
The Surge for the Apple of Rulership TRoA VI (1993)
Tora, Tora, Tora Calling All Heroes (1994)
Troldmandens Lærling TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)
Ups! Mikkel Schiøtz
Con Dôme (1994)
Vad som göms i snö Magnus Ölundh
MittCon (1994)
Vandringsmanden Allan Joe Broch
Con 92 (1992)
Vi är de utvalda Magnus Ölundh
MittCon (1995)
Where Dragons Rule Ole Christensen
Spilletræf (1990)
World Eater Carsten Friis
Con Dôme (1998)
You do not live twice Robert O. Jensen
Chop Con (1999)
Ørkenmorgensolens ulidelige lethed Fastaval (1989)

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