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ARCON 8: Paranoia (1992)

ARCON 8: Paranoia

Location: Universitetet i Oslo, Norway
Date: 26. - 28. June 1992

Part of: ARCON


PDF Programme [Norwegian Bokmål] (2.5 MB)
PDF Complex Handbook [Norwegian Bokmål] (9 MB)
PDF Spörrekonkurranse (del 1) [Norwegian Bokmål] (0.9 MB)


AD&D (Arcon 1992) Bendik Christoffersen AD&D
AD&D Duell (Arcon 1992) Henrik A. Lunde AD&D
Ars Magica (Arcon 1992) Janne Tørklep Ars Magica
Call of Cthulhu (Arcon 1992) Øyvin Worrnnæs Call of Cthulhu
Mechwarrior (Arcon 1992) Sven Hugo Hiller MechWarrior
Muu (Arcon 1992) Tomas H.V. Mørkrid Muu
Paranoia (Arcon 1992) Markus Bjartveit Krüger Paranoia
RoleMaster (Arcon 1992) Ina Faye-Lund Rolemaster
Shadowrun (Arcon 1992) Trond M. Vågen Shadowrun
Sirkus Tomas H.V. Mørkrid Sirkus
Spilledermesterskap (Arcon 1992)
Star Wars (Arcon 1992) Star Wars
Top Secret (Arcon 1992) Stig Erik Sandø Top Secret
TORG (Arcon 1992) Patrik Sahlstrøm Torg
Warhammer FRP (Arcon 1992) Erlend B. Havdal Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


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