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TRoA VI (1993)


Location: Mellervangskolen, Aalborg, Denmark
Date: 26. - 28. February 1993

Part of: TRoA Con


AD&D Low Level (TRoA VI) AD&D lvl. 3-5
Arven High Noon High noon
Big Trouble in little Dorvinia AD&D Ravenloft
Darth Vader's New Toy Star Wars
Ellestrup Brønd AD&D
En Atomisk tur til Aalborg Kim Kaurin Cyberspace
Grislings forsvundne næsevarmer Per Fabricius
Kristian Klausen
How to Scare a Vamp Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler Vampire: The Masquerade
Jagten på Guldhornene Martin Lindof Viking [dk]
Masquerade - 1. del af Heksens trilogi Sven Schiøtte Strandbygaard AD&D
Peacemakers BattleTech
Renaissance of a Vampire Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler Vampire: The Masquerade
S/S Iron Princess GURPS Space
Shadowrun (TRoA VI) Shadowrun 2nd ed.
Showdown in Wolfenburg Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Smølfe-krigen Smølf RPG
The Attack of the Killer B-Movies All Together Now IV
The Curse Darkages D&D Basic Dragonlance
The Neverending Story AD&D Level 12th-15th
The Surge for the Apple of Rulership Rolemaster
The Takeover Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Zwilight Call of Cthulhu


Kontakt Martin Lindof

Referenced in the following articles

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Spilverden Page 28 Nr. 19 (Februar 1993) SAGA [dk]
Spilverdenen Page 22 Nr. 20 (Marts 1993) SAGA [dk]

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