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The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)

The Realms of Roleplay III


Location: Tornhøjskolen, Aalborg
Date: 16. - 18. August 1991

Part of: TRoA Con

About the convention:

Connen bød også på Mafia.


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Darkbreed Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Dødens by D&D Basic
En gammel ven Star Wars
Getting in is hard... Shadowrun
Gore, Splatter & Guts Evil Dead
Home Sweet Home Twilight 2000 1st ed.
Hvor er vi henne AD&D Ravenloft
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Just another Fairy Tale AD&D High level
Kaldet ElfQuest
Little Trouble in Big Texas Time-Troopers
Metal Legends Metal Legends
Nogen gange vinder man Aliens
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Pirater i byen Rolemaster
Piraterne fra Umbar MERP
Snow White Beyond the Supernatural
Spirit-King Time-Troopers
Supermaster Supermaster
Sven Søfarers Skat Viking (dansk)
Terror in Fuji Space Master
Test and Trial AD&D Low level
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Aalborg Banden Call of Cthulhu

Board games:

Hæder og Ære (TRoR III) Dan Skovgaard


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