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Aliens - Incubation Karsten Rasmussen TRoA - Charleston (1998)
Aliens (DalCon 1992)   DalCon I - Desperate huc intrantes (1992)
Aliens (UppCon 1992) Atlantis UppCon '92 (1992)
Aliens (UppCon 1993) Atlantis UppCon '93 (1993)
Aliens (UppCon 1994) Atlantis UppCon '94 (1994)
Aliens 4 Morten Zinck
Ricky Simonsen
TRoA XI (1996)
Before Sunrise   UppCon '95 (1995)
Day of Reckoning Relitor Retribution I Karsten Rasmussen TRoA VIII (1994)
Extreme Prejudice Relitor Retribution II Karsten Rasmussen TRoA IX (1994)
Farlig mission   TRoR IV (1992)
Janusprojektet Christoffer Krämer SydCon 7 (1998)
LM-174 Søren Parbæk TRoA-Con 90, intern (1990)
Methrin   Aftermath - Armageddon II (1991)
Nogen gange vinder man   The Realms of Roleplay III (1991)
Operation Darkener Karsten Rasmussen TRoA V (1992)
Panic and Treason Fagersta Riotclub DalCon - MCMXCV - A midsummernight´s dream (1995)
Salvage Ops Anders Karlsson UppCon '96 (1996)
The Alien Ship   TRoA-Con 91, intern (1991)
The Futile Escape   The Realms of Roleplay II (1991)
This was supposed to be a drill... Karsten Rasmussen TRoA-Con 90, intern (1990)

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