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TRoA V (1992)


Location: Mellervangskolen, Aalborg, Denmark 🗺️
Date: 14. - 16. August 1992

Part of: TRoA Con

About the convention:

Helcon live: Mafia


Alternativ virkelighed? All Together Now III
Battle for Mandalor Star Wars
💾 En ung mand med ambitioner Palle Schmidt Vision / Call NOW
Gudernes vrede Viking [dk]
House of the Spider God AD&D Lankmar
Hvor Smølfen er Smølfen Smølf RPG
Hævnens Hovslag Paul Hartvigson Vision Trolddom
In the Beginning The Dead
Lethal Paranoia Shadowrun
Lightning Claw Mercenary RPG
Mafia (TRoA V) Mafia
Missionen D&D Basic
New Hopes, Old Dreams Hanne Benedikte Zehmann Ziegler Star Wars
Operation Darkener Karsten Rasmussen Aliens
Rom år 64 GURPS
Selka IV Star Wars
Skalpejægerne High Noon High Noon
Skatten AD&D Dragonlance
Slotte i Sandet II Alex Uth Call of Cthulhu Twilight Zone
Something Rotten in Kalgaram AD&D
Strømsvigt Strømsvigt
The Curse of Doom AD&D Ravenloft
The Trap Heroes Unlimited
Total Showdown Armageddon
Trapped in the Dragon's Claws BattleTech
Vi er sendt af Kong Azoun af Cormyr AD&D Forgotten Realms


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Spilverdenen Page 39 Nr. 15 (August 1992) SAGA [dk]

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